Two guys wrestling in speedos.


  1. I love watching this match shame its not longer? and i love to actually hear the wrestlers as well more please guys

  2. this is a great match. I'd luv to wrestle either one of these guys. send me a e-mail and maybe we can get together. Mike

  3. I would love to wrestle either one of you..or do a wrestling three-way…two on one…challenger wrestles the winner…and just keep going…..

  4. The guy with black trunks has a hot body, with wonderful hairy pecs and a huge muscle butt..Well clawed by the lesser guy!

  5. GlobalFight com wants to pay you a salary to do webcam or video for us… email webmaster globalfight com

  6. Fantastic vid. especially Hot is towards the end with the bodyscissors – we want more – please???????

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