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Everybody knows that before Europeans arrived on the shores of America, it was the Native Americans that dominated the continent. They lived in tents and hunted for their food. Everything was fine and then the Europeans showed up and they shared their food and that’s why we have Thanksgiving and then the Indian tribes just sort of…went away. Or they walked on some kind of tear trail or something. And then Europeans colonized the New World and everything was great. That’s about the extent of knowledge that an average person has regarding the Native American people. Of course, as with most of the things you know (or think that you know), it is no where near that simple. The history of Native Americans is a drama as complicated and nuanced as any you have ever heard. Many of the over-simplifications you heard about in school don’t do justice to a period of time that lasted thousands and thousands of years. Entire empires and nations rose and fell within the Americas. Some cities in Central America rivaled the greatest civilizations of the Middle East. And when Europeans came, the relationships between them and the natives was complicated to say the least. These are 25 little known facts about Native Americans.

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Many American states are named after Indian names e.g. Arizona, Kentucky, Missouri

The word “barbecue” is an Arawakan word meaning “framework of sticks”

Actually, English borrowed a lot of Native American words – guacamole, chocolate, chili, poncho

In spite of not being citizens, nearly 8,000 Native Americans served during WWI

In large part due to their service during WWI, the Indian Citizenship Act granted US citizenship to all Native Americans

In the 1600s five tribes that were former enemies banded together to create the Iroquois Confederacy

An all-male council was elected for life to make decisions. Women, however, were allowed to fire the counselors at any time

Benjamin Franklin actually thought that the Iroquois Confederacy had a model of government that the colonies could emulate

The bald eagle on the US shield is actually an Iroquois Confederacy symbol

The Choctaw, Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, and Seminole tribes were seen as being more civil by the Europeans because they had a similar social system (planned villages and farms)

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  1. We where called applachians in the days of Nathaniel Black the Hessians (Germans)made Cherokee tribes envade one another although you don't see them in that famous Washington crossing the Delaware the irqious help him the obtian part of America's freedom

  2. Why do Native Americans not want to be called American Indians? Legally speaking anyone can claim Native American so I thought American Indian was the appropriate word?

  3. Nice. Thanks. BTW, quote: "[Choctaw code talkers] exploits took place during the waning days of World War I. The government of the Choctaw Nation maintains these men were the first native code talkers ever to serve in the U.S. military… The German forces proved not only to speak excellent English, but also to have intercepted and broken American military codes… " – from Wikipedia, so Native American Code Talkers were in WWI also. 🙂

  4. I have native ancestry micmaw from nova scotia canada from way back tho but still in my blood im aslo french an Portuguese we all mix now an days

  5. There is no such thing as a "Native American". America is a set of ideas and beliefs ascribed to by large numbers of the current inhabitants of this continent. There was no "America" before Europeans arrived. Canadians call the "Indians"by the term First Tribes. That is more accurate. Indigenous peoples is also a good term.

  6. The pyramid on US dollar is a symbol of the Native's God Manitou and of the one of their tribes. Guess which tribe. ???

  7. "when the eagle flies to the moon, we will rise once again" part of the native prophecy. in July 1969 the eagle flew to the moon, it is our time to rise.
    to my Native Brothers, sister, children and elders, our time has come to rise.

  8. "we will see this new nation come, we will see this new nation go and we will live once again" NATIVE PROPHECY…America is about to collapse and die.

  9. Number one thing you SHOULD know, the europeans murdered elder and children, raped our women and kidnapped our children. THAT'S THE NUMBER ONE THING YOU SHOULD KNOW. AND TO ALL YOU WHITE PEOPLE QUIT SAYING YOU 1 1/6 OR SOME DUMB RATIO LIKE THAT, YOUR NATIVE. ONLY LIARS SAY SHIT LIKE THAT. Real natives don't brag about being NATIVE, we know who we are and where we come from., this is OUR land. Aho!

  10. When Christopher Columbus arrived there were more like 60 yes SIXTY MILLION Native Americans (not 18 million ) living there. the story has been hacked and played down by governments as so many of them were brutally slaughtered. Abysmal.

  11. How in the devil fuck do native people become ilegals wtf u mtfs make fuckin since bullshit on top off more bushit lol

  12. Hey here's another fact: over 6 million natives were killed in residential school but when the killings rose over 6 million they stopped counting (just in Canada, idek about the states)

  13. Most of your statement are currently spot on yet the others are not, land bridge has been disproved, there were more code talkers than the najavo, there were many others, and to my knowledge there codes were not broken either. The Native American dna is unique only to the new world.

  14. The White Man has Destroyed a lot people Cultures/Civilizations because of Power and Greed…..

  15. Navajo were the largest group of code talkers. They were not the only ones. This is a little known or publicized fact. Cherokee and Choctaw were the 1st in WW1. In WWII, there were also Lakota, Comanche, and Meskwaki (Fox & Sauk). Would like to see them be honored as well. 🙂

  16. 18 million? Morse like a few hundred thousand. There was neither a genocide, nor a virus outbreak. The people known as :Native American" get their appearance from the original Americans,which had a Nordic appearance, Australians, and Asians. The Australians and Asians came to America only a few thousand years ago.

  17. How you gonna take the land these people live on then grant them citizenship? If anything they granted you citizenship

  18. FYI: Natives are not "Indians" they are Natives. And some Natives would prefer to be called just native without Americans because of Christopher Columbus.

  19. Iroquois confederacy is a completely wrong term…. It's correct 'naming' would be ( the Haudenosaunee ) or (((( the people of the Longhouse ))))

  20. The term "native American" apply's to anyone born here. Just because your ancestors were born someplace else is not important. If I'm not a "Native American" because I'm decended from European blood, then why are "indigenous" people called "native" instead of "asian"? No one seams to deny that they migrated to north America even as the European ' did. Just much earlyer. And what about people who preceded them? For example, the Anistazy?

  21. If all Native Americans are citizens and Mexicans are Native Americans, then why aren't all people in Mexico also U.S. citizens? An interesting paradox.

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