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In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is taking a field trip to the gym so he can show you his favorite 4 abdominal exercises to get your abs to show.
In order to have your abs to show, you need to reduce your body fat (have a decent diet that facilitates your body fat reduction) and perform cardio the 1st thing in the morning. Now that you have the body fat reduced, you need to develop the abs and create separations. Here’s how…

Alpha’s Go To Ab Routine
Basic bench crunch – after getting into position, keep legs slightly bent, come up and pause. Alpha gives alternates for less and more intense options. 15 reps with dumbbell then 15 reps without the weight. Do three (3) sets of 30 reps.
Hanging Leg Raises – Alpha gives options to perform this exercise with pros and cons. It’s about control, that little squeeze, and that little pause. He gives options to make the exercises less and more challenging. He also gives an option to hit the obliques. Go for three (3) sets.
Cable Crunch – it’s a personal favorite of Alpha but is more difficult to feel. Your butt doesn’t move. Only the upper body moves with a pause. Go for 15 – 20, three (3) sets.
The Ball Crunch – not the most masculine looking but one of the most effective. Chin to ceiling with the ball in the small of your back, go up, pause, and down. If you quiver, all of your muscles are engaged. You don’t need to go super fast. Go 10 slow with a pause. Then go for 10 pulses. It’s a great way to finish off those abs!

String of two of these together for a superset. Alternate back and forth for 3 sets. Perform twice a week with a few days in between. If you squeeze, go slow, and contract, you’ll feel it for days. Freeletics FREE Gym App is an option that Alpha has been using too. It’s the best fitness app he’s ever seen. Remember, no abs were ever seen without a low body fat percentage!


  1. why always talking about the "best" exercises? you should just say that the real issue here is whether or not you are willing to use roids. There are 1000 abs exercises. There is always "ONE NEW SPECIAL" exercise that will make your abs appear…nope. There are just roids that literally destroy your belly fat.

  2. Anytime fitness. Best bang for your buck gym. I go at 7 or 8 on weekends and it's empty.. nice to see alpha is a member also.

  3. I find that cardio in the morning makes you really hungry the rest of the day. I think cardio at night, right after dinner is the best time followed by an ab workout and then a warm bath and then bed.

  4. alpha p. "peniscandy". Thankyou for the great ab workout but i like chicks and chicks dig me………………Bill murray

  5. Imma try to focus everyday for a week abs only will it help me get results quicker? I can see them barely forming but i have some side and lower back fat

  6. Show your stomach man. It's so hard to believe you without having click on all your videos. I'm trying so hard not to swear (new year resolution just like the abs)

  7. I gained some weight so my ab form still shows but I want shredded abs! should I decrease calorie intake for abs to show? I start ab workout today!

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