In the age of identity theft, blocked websites and general concern for online safety, we’re always on the look out for smarter ways to browse the internet.

Cocoon is a new internet browser, which not only acts as VPN, but takes your online browsing experience further by keeping your internet access safe, secure and private on unsecured wifi networks like in airports, hotels and cafe. These are our 5 reasons why we love the new Cocoon internet browser and why you should sign up to it today.

Accessing banned websites: VPN service

We first discovered VPNs when travelling in Asia, where internet is heavily regulated, particularly in Myanmar, Vietnam and the most extreme, in China. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service which allows you to connect to the internet via a foreign server, and therefore beats strict government firewalls. This was how we were able to check our Dropbox / Google / Twitter / Instagram etc in China – we’d use a VPN which connected via a foreign server in Hong Kong.

Cocoon offers a specific product for Asia, allowing you to access banned US websites in countries like China, ideal for expats and travellers. The thing we loved about it the most is that unlike the paid VPN services we used in the past, Cocoon is a much faster VPN service.

Cocoon internet browser VPN service

Browse online with privacy: no cookies tracked

When using the Cocoon internet browser there is no tracking of what you do. Normally, all websites leave trackers recording your online activity, even from domains you didn’t visit. Cocoon’s anti-tracking protects you from having your search behaviour tracked because all cookies are deleted after every session.

In addition, all searches and history are buffered by Cocoon’s servers so that no trace of your online internet behaviour is ever stored on your device.

Whilst this can be annoying because your passwords/log in informations have to be re-entered each time you log into your email/bank account/Facebook etc, the flip side is that your personal information is kept extremely secure.

We particularly love this feature because when researching for flights, we notice that some flight booking engines track our behaviour then suddenly increase their prices. By not tracking our cookies, and therefore our online browsing behaviour, we are genuinely able to research properly for the lowest prices for flights.

Browse online securely: anti-virus

Cocoon uses advanced isolation technology with SSL encrypted connections to protect your computer from malware by keeping it away from your hard drive. Places like cafes, hotels and airports are prime hotspots for any sort of digital theft, which is becoming an increasing threat everyday. Obviously, you’d have to be pretty unlucky for this to happen to you, but there’s still a risk of it happening.

This is because when browsing online, you’re constantly tracked wherever you go, so unknowingly your information is being collected, used, sold and worse there’s a serious threat of identity theft virus malware. When browsing online with Cocoon, your data remains private and stored safely on the Cocoon cloud which only you can access. Then when you’re done, nothing is left behind on your computer: your browsing history, personal information, and passwords are all protected from mobile web snooping and never stored on your device.

Cocoon internet browser safe and secure

The moment Stefan’s Macbook Air got taken over by the Matrix!

It’s free and easy to set up!

Most VPN services we’ve used in the past are not only slow, but you have to pay for them. The bonus of the Cocoon browser is that it is completely free to download and set up. They do offer an upgraded paid service for $19.95 a year, which as well as all the other featured outlined above, also offers:

  • an anti-virus scanning
  • ad free browsing service
  • blocking Facebook tracking
  • ad blocker option

When trying it out on both Stefan’s MacBook Air and Seb’s PC, we both found it very quick and easy to do. It’s a matter of a few clicks to download, then you open it up and you’re browsing securely via Cocoon.

Available as a mobile app: coming soon!

Given that most of our online usage is done on our mobile phones, especially all our social media, we were excited to learn that Cocoon is soon available as a mobile app – one to add to our favourite apps for gay travellers.

Cocoon internet browser mobile version