We joined MR 10-Pack for a gym session and interview at Motiva Fitness in Karlshamn. Mohamed “MR 10-Pack” talked about how to get 10-pack abs, how he trains, nutrition and other secrets.

No 6-pack he has a 10-pack
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  1. its possible genetics is just ure bullshit excuse lazy get off ure ass and eat right yea and its mostly 95% diet 5%training you could do a million situps and nobody would be able to see them if you have fat covering them

  2. i have 10 pack i look like i have belli fat when i get some weight in belli mdr i mst train like this guy i hope to make a video soon before and after video i'm 19 yeats old

  3. All genetics . I have an eight pack and no matter what I do I can't grow an extra 2 Pac of muscle. If you have 4 you have 4, if it's 6 then 6 . Etc..

  4. it doesn't matter how much you work out you can't make more abs they deciving you… you are born with the split you may have 6 8 10 12
    just born with it when you get lean you can see how many you have I repeat you can't get more abs

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