Notre Dame College Men Are Trying To Ban Adult Films

As if Tumblr and Starbucks weren’t enough. Now some random guys are trying to ban porn across their College campus (and more).

In October, students at Catholic school Notre Dame University started what would become a roaring storm of censorship.

80 male students wrote an open letter to ban porn on the campus’s WiFi. Head writer Jim Martinson says that 40 students from other schools have also expressed a desire for a porn filter on their campuses. The horror!

The Daily Beast reports that students from schools all over the campus, including Ivy League schools Harvard, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania, are handing out fliers about the dangers of porn on campus.

“I’m excited and I think we can really get this done,” Martinson said. “And I’m also confident that if we do get it done at Notre Dame, that other universities will follow suit.”

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But get this, porn is already banned on Notre Dame’s campus. Instead, Martinson and his 79 peers want a filter that will block access to all websites that include porn to any degree. Even worse, over 1,000 students on the campus, men and women, have signed a petition to get the job done.

Joking aside, Martinson does have some upstanding merits and reasons for why he wants the filter. He says porn teaches men to objectify women, normalize sexual assault, and exploit the men and women being filmed.

“It’s not hard to draw a connection between men viewing that type of pornography and men acting in similar ways towards women,” said anti-porn advocate and Princeton student Jack Whelan to the Daily Beat. “I think that it’s much easier to objectify women and to not see them as people when you’re simply viewing them as objects of sexual pleasure.”

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Since we at GayPopBuzz often report on porn news behind the scenes, we can’t deny Martinson’s logic. But getting rid of porn entirely? That’s a little hard to swallow.

Right now, there’s a tug-a-war happening on Notre Dame’s campus and on other college campuses that have enlightened the idea proposed by Martinson.

Some liberal organizations on campuses have expressed opposition to Martinson’s proposal such as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

“Most pornographic, sexually explicit, and offensive material is protected under the First Amendment,” the civil-liberties group wrote. “As such, any institution that claims to protect free speech should not treat pornography substantially different than other protected speech.”

Will Martinson win at the end of the day? Will the progressives for porn prevail? We’ll see how things go in time.

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