*edit- I obviously cleaned it up right afterwards and the itch has been there since it happened

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  1. It sounds like maybe you scrubbed a bit too hard in your cleaning and irritated your skin. There’s really no risk here.

  2. You shouldnt worry your skin has an amazing defence mechanisms. You didn’t have to scrub. And you shouldn’t feel guilty for enjoying yourself. Peace.

  3. The same thing happens to me sometimes except it happens with my own cum lol. I think mine has to do with a certain acne cream I use because it only happens when I have it on.

  4. Maybe try Aquaphor. It is a healing ointment you can buy in the pharmacy. I would not go to the doctor because what can they do besides tell you to take some ointment or cream you can buy over the counter anyway?

  5. Did you like, leave it there and not clean it up? Because that can just cause a rash by itself. Put some neosporin or polysporin on it and leave it for a few hours. You’ll be fine.

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