Alright so i’m a dude who’s attracted to girls, but also attracted to “traps” (girls with dicks), basically, i am attracted to the dick, it turns me on, but so do the girly parts, i’m not attracted to actual men, a.k.a. without the make-up and boobs ext, am i gay/turning towards becoming gay or is this just a phase/trickery from the internet?


  1. Ppl have already said everything that needs to be said about ‘trap’ – as for ‘turning gay’ or ‘just a phase’: does it matter!? You go ahead and do what makes you happy for now.

    And best of luck x

  2. I can’t speak for women that have penises but I can see “trap” being a shitty was of describing them… as if their intentions pursuing someone like you might be manipulative. As for being gay/whatever… Just fuck who you want to fuck. If you suck a dick one day and eat out a chick the next… that is fine. You like what you like sexually so just go with it and have lots of fun sex!

  3. I suggest you remove the word “trap” from your vocabulary.

    Just piggybacking what u/lovechoke said. I agree. It’s just very disrespectful.

    Also, what defines a trap or not? I’m a feminine black gay man, who identifies as male, and would I be considered “trap” or not?

    I just find it very disrespectful.

    I don’t give a fuck if those assholes at 4Chan or whatever refined it. I don’t.

    If someone is attractive to you, then someone is attractive to you.

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