Her Gay Son’s Mirror

We have another funny story for you involving a gay man and a mother.

Sohail Justin Akhavein is the gay man of this story. Akhavein is the owner of a unicorn mirror that’s apparently made his sister very jealous.

Wanting to end her envy, Akhavein’s parents asked him to send a picture of the unicorn so they could have a replica made, but Akhavein didn’t respond fast enough.

Because of this, his mother decided to just steal a picture off of Akhavein’s Instagram account, which she doesn’t seem to be a fan of. Afterwards, Akhavein was kind enough to share a screenshot of his funny text exchange with his mother.

In the tweet where he shared the text he wrote, “This is the result of me not getting back to her quick enough.”

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If the picture isn’t working for you, the conversation goes as follows:

“I was forced to use the only photos of the mirror I could find which were your gd smut photos because the carpenter needed references before he accepted our offer to recreate the mirror and guess what. HE ASKED IF PART OF HIS PAYMENT CAN BE THE MAN IN THE PHOTOS. THE GAYS ARE EVERYWHERE!!!” his mother said.

“MAMA, OUR TALENTS DO NOT DISCRIMINATE PROFESSIONS!” he replied. “Tell the woodworker I said howdy.”

Elaborating on the moment more with Buzzfeed News, Akhavein says his family has been very supportive of him and his sexuality.

“I’ve never taken their acceptance, warmth, love, and sass for granted, because I am well aware of many members of our greater queer community may struggle to navigate their personal expression of queerness on a platform their parents may have access to, let alone possibly not having direct access to those four things listed above,” he said.

“Being a person of color who was born into a set of ideologies that were in direct conflict with my personhood, it would be foolish to not allow my parents to ‘struggle’ with allowing their son to be who he is — because, they’re human, and allowing a human to process is part of the journey of meaning-making.”

“While it may have seemed counter at times, my parents have allowed me to process my queerness with me, and not at me. They’ve held my heart. They’ve made me contemplate representation.”

That said, mothers are mothers at the end of the day. They worry, they complain, and they shake their heads at some of their children’s fun.

h/t: LGBTQNation