This is a video tutorial on the top 3 most common things to check when an ABS light comes on.

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How to Jack up Your Car Safely:

ABS Fuse Replacement:
How to Test an ABS Wheel Sensor:
Front Bearing Hub Replacement:
ABS Computer Replacement:

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  1. Step 1. Plug in OBD diagnostic software that you bought off eBay for 50 quid.
    Step 2: software will tell you what's wrong.
    Step 3. Buy replacement part from a salvage yard or eBay.
    Step 4. Be prepared to get greasy hands.

  2. I put a piece of black tape over the abs light . This is way too much work and $ to have the abs work or even to get a light off. If it's the fuse , awesome . If I have to go any further I ll go without abs and hopefully not get kilt

  3. My ABS & Brake light come on intermittently on my 02 2wd dakota pickup. My ABS system works like it should. I replaced the sensor in the rear end, no change. Lights still come on intermittently.

  4. When the wheel spins slower/faster it doesn't lower/raise the magnitude of the AC voltage or current. It just changes the frequency, i.e. the number of cycles of min->max->min that happen per second.

  5. Hi Friends,
    I had a very serious trouble with my C200 Kompressor 2001 as When I start the engine (not yet drive). The speed indication at the panel at dashboard go up and go down. It is not normal. Then I opened the trap to look the engine actually the engine run with speed not normal. Go up and go down rapidly. I actually did not know how to fix it. Anybody has experience on it please kindly to advise. Tks all.

  6. Hello sir do u have any information about lumina 2000 model ABS faulty error , when I started my car and drive on the road, when I push the break paddle there is a noise it's like "tick tick tick" and on its screen there is ABS faulty error on the system

  7. This was very helpful. I may just be a female and I have been treated horrible by many mechanics in my time, but i am also a female who knows alot about cars. My Grandfather was a mechanic and my father fixed all our cars when something needed repaired. And i was the parts cleaner and a very curious one to boot. Thinking this may help me in the future. Well yes and no..I was married for 25 years so when something was up and having issue with our cars I was very good at diagnosing the possible problem then my husband would fix it. Now that he has passed on I am again treated like I dont know what Im talking about . WHY IS THIS SUCH A PROBLEM ??

  8. Just had this issue after bleeding my brakes my wheels were rusted to the wheel hub so I assume I knocked loose a sensor. Thanks for the upload will check these out when I get home!

  9. Hi on my Holden Astra 2002 there is ABS and traction control sign appears on dashboard. Even though I had changed its left wheel bearings and brake pads. When I apply brake and Stops the car at signal then if I accelerate the car it seems like tyres are jammed until it reaches the speed of 30-40. What I can do to fix things?

  10. Will sticking brakes cause abs and vdc lights. My 350z will suddenly (in drive) shift into low gear and come to a sudden stop when I let go the gas paddle. I can take my foot and lift the brake paddle and all seems normal. I can drive a few as long as I dont touch the brakes.

  11. I looked in my fuse box didn’t know which on to check. On a 2012 Jeep Wrangler I probably will get charged a ton of money if I don’t fix it I can do some thi was thanks

  12. On most American Pickup trucks the sensor is usually mounted on the rear differential not on the wheels. One sensor does both rear wheels.

  13. hi there name is kirk i have 2003 towncountry van 3.8 eng i have a big proble with the heater i haqve heat in the verts but no heat in injside the van the blow comes on for 5 mins and then truns off its hot in inside the heater but it dont blew anymore after 5 mins and its still cold in the van i changed the thing for the fan controler 2 times and it still does the samething i trun the fan on and it wont blow at all iam asking for help kirk here 9376224100

  14. it sucks being a woman with car issues… I have had a 65 mustang.that my father completely restored and hot rodded out for me. I could go on a tangent on what was in it but I wont lol then I had a 94 camaro z28 w/ the 6 speed man lt1 then a mitsubishi eclipse and a I've had a LOT of issues and over the years I have learned what is what.. I just do not know how to replace things. do I even want to? lol but ive had on more than one occasion where a mechanic would try and tell me it was something else and I knew what it was but they just pashaw'ed me . so I went on until I could find someone trustworthy.. not easy ..

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