The First Openly Gay Man In The Winter Olympics

We have some exciting news to share with you all.

The US is going to have its first openly gay male athlete representing us at the Winter Olympics.

We know some of you will now be thinking, “That can’t be true. What about ______?” But believe it, this will be the first guy from the US to go to the Winter Olympics as an only gay man.

Now of course, there have been plenty of gay male athletes at the Olympics before. The Summer games have seen openly gay athletes before (though, they haven’t seen a male one in the past 15 years).

On top of that, the Winter games have never had an openly gay athlete, just gay athletes who came out after the Olympics.

And who will be the first guy to hit the scene? Pennsylvania-born figure skater Adam Rippon.

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But, just because Rippon will be the first openly gay male athlete to go to the Winter Olympics in this year’s Pyeongchang, South Korea games, doesn’t mean he wants to be known as just a gay athlete.

Rippon spoke to GayStarNews and said:

“Being gay isn’t what defines me, but it’s a big part of who I am and I like to talk about my coming out because that’s when I started to own who I was as a person.”

“That’s what’s important, not the being gay part but at some point — gay or straight — you need to own who you are. You can’t be afraid of who you are or else you’re afraid of your own potential, and if you don’t own who you are then you can’t grow.”

He also added: “A few weeks ago, I was asked in an interview … what was it like being a gay athlete in sports,” he said.

“And I said it’s exactly like being a straight athlete. Only with better eyebrows.”

But watch out, Rippon might not be the only openly gay male athlete on the scene this year. We’re still waiting to see if Gus Kenworthy will qualify to join Rippon (though for skiing of course).