Team USA’s Adam Rippon shares his coming out story.

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  1. Cute! There must be much more gay athletes. They should be brave, get out and help society to see it as normal.

  2. Narcissistic self-absorbed "Grower of County's Largest Tomato" runs about demanding everyone acknowledge that they are a lactose intolerant Presbyterian.

  3. Thank You. You are a great watch dog for our flock. Watch dogs come in all types, and you are one of the best

  4. The music and story is so on point. Love the feeling of inspiration. Thank you Adam for everything you have done.

  5. Adam is lovely, and such a great personality. I really like him.

    However this "I could go to Russia and get arrested for being gay" is just unnecessary. First of all, it's not how that "law" works. In reality, it almost doesn't work because it's so vague that with good lawyers and persistence it's possible to dispute its application in almost any particular case. And it's not a "law", it's a part of an amendment to a law. And it only applies to "gay propaganda among minors", i.e. explicit advertising of gay lifestyle in mass media that are not classified as 18+ (maybe even 16+ and 18+, don't remember what's considered officially underage in this case in Russia).
    Second of all, it's not correct to be so arrogant towards legislation of a foreign country, mentality and history of which you don't know. I personally think your American legislation that permits people to hold guns at home and leads to killing hundreds of people every year is not that smart either, but I wouldn't go out there and critique it publicly because it's USA's internal problem and you will deal with it your way; however you are holding to it for centuries. And in certain arab countries you can't possibly be gay even in theory. But no… somehow it's always Russia with this stupid amendment, that no one in Russia even knows how it applies, that's the topic for conversation.

    Otherwise Adam and this video are great.

  6. im crying…. by "no matter who you are and where you come from,you`re respected by your hard work"

  7. As a gay person I initially felt a little homophonic towards Adam coz he’s more flamboyant than I am – but this kid is fucken funny and being himself – who the fuck am I to hate on anybody. Plus he’s talented AF. ???️‍??

  8. What a moron. No one is gonna arrest your ass just because you're gay. Russia was traditionally indifferent to gays. They basically turned the other way and left them alone. Why else did the art of ballet prosper in Russia? And that's the attitude many Asian countries have had towards gays, too. Those North American LGBT morons are really starting to annoy the hell out of me. Their tedious missionary zeal, their unfounded moral superiority and all this drama queen victimhood mentality, and they start preaching to other countries and cultures they don't know the first thing about!! Those racist, ageist, sex-centric STD-ridden gays try to hold straight people all over the world (except those in Muslim countries) to the kinda moral standards the gays themselves could never ever live up to in a million years. It's gonna backfire on you guys in the near future. People are getting really tired of all this LGBT agenda BS.

  9. In the USA kids are pressured to be gay if they have gay parents. In Russia they have a anti gay propaganda law because we believe that when children become adults they can decide there sexuality plus we are a very Christian country so Russian parents don't want there kids to be exposed to sex at a young age. Also I wouldn't trust a 4 year old with my phone why would I trust them to make cutting of there genitals for transgenders. And no idiot Russian will accept more than 2 genders. It is honestly stupid to believe that people can become animals and people can magically change there gender just because they feel like it. I'm serious if you are LGBTQ don't live in Russia lol…

  10. I couldn't help myself, but I cried. It's such a big burden to be gay ND that's not even your fault. Adam is such a nice person und huge inspiration. Thank you for coming out and for displaying that gay people are charming as hell 🙂

  11. "It was scary knowing that athletes could go into Russia and just be arrested for being gay"
    He is an idiot! It is legal to be gay in Russia and you won't get arrested for being gay. There is no such law in Russia.

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