Max Konnor Doesn’t Want To Be Called BBC

Porn stars are getting into fights for sharing their opinions on twitter again.


Who’s the person in question for this post? It’s gay porn actor Max Konnor who shared on Twitter his thoughts on being refereed to as a Big Black Cock.

“In the tweet, he posted, “I hate when guys refer to my dick as BBC or anyting along those lines. You don’t specify the color of a white dick….. I am not a fetish. I am a human being.”

The tweet was liked over 500 times and several people commented on it with praise.

“I respect and adore you as you are,” One follower tweeted, “You will never be “just a body part” to me! Respect.”

Konnor then told NewNowNext that he just wanted to share his honest opinon with his fans.

“I was trying to find out how real and honest I could be with my fans,” he said, “A lot of times people will tweet on things I’m tagged in or to things I’ve tweeted on my actual page in reference to ‘oh yeah, take that BBC’ or ‘oh I can’t wait until I can get that BBC’ and to me, personally, the acronym, whenever I heard it, has always made me cringe. So when I posted that, it was just a personal tidbit of information saying when it’s said to me it’s a turn-off.”

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But as you probably imagined, not everyone agreed with him.

Fellow gay porn star Austin Wolf was one of the opposing users who said, in a now deleted tweet:

“We are quite literally paid to be objectified,” he wrote. “If you have a problem with your dick, race or any pots of your body or personality obejectified [sic], classified, insulted or criticized you are in the wrong business.”

Meanwhile, fellow porn star BigC backed up Wolf’s argument in his own tweet.

What do you think? Do you think it’s fine for Konnor to say he doesn’t want to be generalized as just a BBC or do you agree with Wolf in that Konnor signed up for it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.