Well they say sex sells. This week yet another in the seemingly endless parade of christian evangelical ministers who publicly preach anti-gay rhetoric yet privately engage in gay sex.

And the war between the nudists and the libertine swingers id being waged on the beaches of France:

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  1. Looks like you need another dose of truth. You must have missed the love thy neighbour and treat those how you wish to be treated parts.

  2. It wouldn't surprise me that those ministers who constantly thump the pulpit about sin and debauchery are the very ones who get caught with their pants down. Why? Because it's their most dominant thought – as it says "As a man thinketh, so he is". Great rant btw! 🙂

  3. @AngryAussie Yeah, that's quite sad, although I'm talking mainly about Sydney, so there is a big difference there.

  4. I just wish I could unload on both the "nudists, and the Libertines." I'd probably run out of ammo though… I dont care about any religion… Well, when I was a young lad, I did. I have "Christian" on my dogtags, but you know what… The churches here are just so warped… I do not even attend anymore… I guess I moved from Christianity to Paganism. SO… yea. I just want to be left ALONE!

    @StarvingLunatic, Go stick a dick in your mouth, and blow your brains out with it.

  5. I should mention that while I'm an atheist, the only people who seem to get angrier about these people are Christians that I know. They're the quickest to say that it isn't a correct interpretation.

  6. And just to be an ass, Thy shalt make fun of your pronunciation! (Just kidding).

    I always figured the priests and those whom preach so much against gays are… well Gay! Or Bisexual. Just love how they seem to forget 'Love thy neighbor as you love yourself" Or "Judge not lest ye be judged" or some other Crap in the bible. Funny how if a priest was put to watch lesbian erotica they probably wouldn't do anything about it. Double standards FTW!

  7. I found that no matter the religion there are always hipocrites and double standards and yes that mental image of Sydney CBD where people are naked would be pleasure and pain, oh well at least the 45min train trip to the city would be interesting.

  8. WOW….EDDIE LONG with other boys?…..wow…*facepalm, life as a Christian is about to get worst. this is really saddening….i bet society can't wait to point the finger and label us on this one….life goes on i guess : (

  9. @AngryAussie i guess they're not the only ones who keep their true self hidden and suppressed. i bet countless other people do it, as well. that's just the kind of unforgiving, relentless world we live in. 🙁

  10. i just don't get it. why the hell don't they just come together & form a Gay Ministers' Club? they're obviously lonely, otherwise i just can't think of another excuse. if they're gay, don't they feel that it's a normal thing that should be accepted by the church. i guess i'm really naive in thinking that being gay would make ministers try to change the church's homophobia… for their OWN sake at least! and regarding the "traditional" nudists, i kinda feel sorry for them. but i do find it weird.

  11. @AngryAussie yer i hate hipocracy but i dont think people can change like that so its fucked up and having closet gay churchies it doesnt surprise as we all know steve conroy is probably a similar case

  12. Why do assholes have to spoil things for everyone (pun not intended)…

    Are you aware by putting this on youtube you may have unintentionally told 100's of dirty old men where they can go to harass women with their penis without reprisal from authorities…haha

  13. If I was in a nudist colony, I'd want to walk around naked and not get harassed. Pretty simple, I guess. I don't associate nudity with sexuality in the slightest. A naked body only has sexual potential when the person who lives in the body makes it so.

    I'm waiting for gay sex orgies to start at the Russian Evangelical Church not too far down the road from me.

  14. They're not gay, they just accidentally fell on top of each other with erections.. and not clothes. Not gay at all, don't know where you could have conjured such a thought?

  15. About the gay evangelical priest – I'm going to paraphrase Richard Dawkins: People of his religious orientation really shouldn't repress people of his sexual orientation.

  16. Maybe the pastor is doing gay research like Fred Nile, except he does it LITERALLY!!

    Haha……I need to pay the nude city a visit on next Europe trip!

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