these are some of the problems i’ve had to deal with …
hope this video helped u out a little
comment some of ur struggles, get them out there

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if u see someone in the comments with the same struggles as u, reply and try and help each other out. when u share the same problems with somebody, its easier to find a solution. u feel as if ur not alone anymore. i love u guys 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much! You really cleared things up for me! I know I have anxiety and I know it’s a problem. My ex friend thinks she had anxiety but when I asked her to explain it she said she got over it. She believed I could get over it too! But I never did. I am very anti social so since I lost her I have 2 friends left. And I can’t speak up and say I have a problem my mom just says “stop being so backwards” I can’t even go to a store! I’ll breakdown and cry because there are so many people and so many things are going through my mind. Then I get grounded because I need to control myself and stop being dramatic. I’m not dramatic it’s just anxiety. No one understands either. I had a anxiety attack during class and my teacher wanted me to wait till after lunch and see if I got better. I hate it.

  2. I don't have many problems, sure, I get talked behind my back at school, and stuff, but I've learned to deal with it and focus on the good things instead, so I'm okay. To all the people in the comments writing about their problem, and people not writing about them, I just want to say: it will get better. You may not believe it now. But trust me it will. And remember there's always at least one person in this world who loves you… Me. I love you, you, you and you. Every single one of you is special and amazing and the best. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Also, thank you so much Kian for making this video, it really means a lot and you have impacted a lot of people… Love you ❤

  3. hey kian, i was diagnosed with anxiety at the begining of last november, right around the time my gram died… i didn't know why my palms always sweated, or i would choke up over talking to teachers. I have always felt like i was alone, and when i try to talk to people about my problems they just turn it into about them. And i can't talk to an adult about it becuase then everything i say turns into a life lession. Sometimes i question if it is even worth the breath, or life… and well… idk. i just wanted you to know you are not alone and i love you dearly. thank you for making me laugh like an idiot when i feel like shit

  4. I watched this a millions of times since this came out but im here to talk about some stuff im going through. Hi im megan and i have a disability called cerebral palsy it really sucks cause i have only a few friends but everytime i go to school im afraid on what people will say so i start shaking and my blood pressure goes really high. I just want to be normal but i cant. And on the other hand my mom has a heart problem since 2009 and its been i think 4 or 5 years and this heart condition is taking my mother away and i cry every night cause i dont want to use her. Thank you for your time sorry it was really long.

  5. I crying so much right now. I have anxiety too. When I try to explain it to my friends they just roll their eyes and say I’m exaggerating but I don’t think they realize how it feels. I could be with my best friends and still feel like nobody wants me there, that I’m a charity case. I feel like everyone is constantly judging every single move I make and i don’t know what to do.

  6. ya.. I feel exactly that… I need help but no one cares about me, I try to talk with my mum, but she is always working and never had time to talk with me… i have friends but i feel alone, because i can't trust in anyone and i can't see who are really true friends and who are only school mates, it's hard, anxiety is a big problem and I want to have a better life in the future…

    P.S: sorry for my english not being so good, I am portuguese and English are not my mother langue, but i think you can understand what i mean…

  7. this is probably the video that made me realize that i wasn't alone all those years ago when i had severe anxiety. thank you kian for always being there for me and for your supporters. i love you, we love you, and we'll always be there for you.

  8. Hi. I know u done this video 4 years ago and I watch it a lot and I know what u r going through because I am going through the same thing. I have really really bad anxiety and I only have 1 friend because all my other friends didn’t understand what I was going through and still am so I had a big falling out with them and now they rn’t my friends but only one friend has stuck with me because she is the only one that understands me and also understands what I am going through. I still don’t know how to deal with my anxiety but if u have any ideas that u can tell me plz because that would be a big help to me

  9. Kian, I know this is four years later but I really need your help. I feel exactly the same as you describe in this video. You described me perfectly. My mom is worried about me, she's afraid there's something seriously wrong with me and wants me to go to a counselor. I refuse to go though because I feel like it'll just make everything worse and I don't like talking to people and telling them how I really feel. I've always hidden my true feelings and it's getting worse. I'm having breakdowns every other day if not every day now. For the past three days I've cried for at least an hour. I don't know what to do anymore, I wanna give up tbh. Please help, somehow, someway.

  10. So I’m kinda the same way but it’s when I’m in a group of people that I start freaking out, I’m kinda ok with 1 person cz less judgement. But when I went to public school, I could go through the lunch line bc I kept think what if I trip and everyone laughs. What if I drop my tray and everyone looks at me. I also can’t through away things during class, talk to the teacher, do speeches,go to the bathroom, or get on a bus without thinking well what if I fall, do I look weird, or are they looking at me? I can’t walk to my table for lunch or through away my food. I got really suicidal and started cutting my self. But I got in a relationship with a really great guy and it got serious, we started have “it” . We got pregnant and I was so happy and as soon as I seen the two lines I love it sooo much, with everything with me. But I started having sharp constant pain in my side so I went to the doctor. I had a bad kidney infection, like seriously bad and they put me on meds, kept me for like a week and my boyfriend stayed with me the whole time. Threw the taking blood in the middle of the night, helping me out of bed to pee with the IV, and buying any food I wanted. Then I got release and went to stay with my uncle for a few days. The second day I was there I started bleeding. I lose my baby , I was only a few weeks but I literally have not words to describe the pain I felt when I saw all the blood. I never got to know if it was a boy or girl, what color of eyes it had , it’s hair color , if it had my or his nose, or if it had my smile. After that my mom put me on birth control. It would have been born this month. A few month after losing the baby one of my classmates committed suicide, that day I got in to a fight with a girl on the bus. When I got home I took a bunch of different pills, when my boyfriend got to my house he seen all the pills and started freaking out. He told my mom and they took me to a hospital. It damaged my kidneys and liver but I think I’ll be fine?? But anyway, after that I could go back to school. Not bc they wouldn’t let me but bc I can’t stand walking down the hall the next day with everyone looking at me and ask about it. So I got home schooled. Now I am at home 24/7. The dr. Said I had to go to some kinda home think for suicidal people so I went to the one they suggested and the lady over it was awful. She screamed at me and cussed ( this was a Christian home thing) and I shut down and wouldn’t talk, I was already having an anxiety attack before the screaming. (Also I hate being screamed at I can’t handle it) so I got put in therapy were she made me do home work and exercises ,I just hated it. So I acted like I was ok and my mom didn’t make me go anymore. I haven’t cut since. I know I’m all over the place but I have a lot to say just don’t know how?? Lol but I hate paying for things or ordering food. Like when they tell u how much and u have to give them the money I alway freak out and get shaky and sweaty. But this post really got me like I can really relate to it. I’m not the only one like this. I want to talk to people and be outgoing but when some one talks to me my mind goes blank and I freeze. I just smile, node ,laugh or do nothing. I don’t feel alone just feel like no one understands. My uncle has anxiety bad by I think his is different. But I get anxiety if I have to tie my shoe infront of someone or hand some one something.

  11. I literally cried at this so much ? you are so brave to speak about it I wish I could, please come back to England soon I would love to meet you one day ??

  12. I know im hella late to this video but i really need to vent about something. Lately I’ve felt trapped in my mind. I feel like i cant talk to anyone. I have tried to talk to my dad about stuff that bothers me but every time i do he just gets mad at me and i dont know why. I’ve tried talking to my friends but they don’t really get where im coming from because they dont deal with the stuff i have to. Its so frustrating because i want to talk to someone, so badly. But especially lately i have been feeling like i cant talk to anyone. I’ve been so stressed with everything and i need someone to talk to. Trust me i have tried my hardest to talk to my parents but they dont listen to me. Nobody does! Im just expected to be okay with everything and act like my life is all perfect but its not. I try but i cant meet everyone’s expectations. Everyone says everything will get better but at this point i dont think it will. I just need someone to talk to, but i dont know who i can trust enough to talk about the things on my mind because they are very personal. I just feel like im going insane! But if i try to bring up something that upsets me my family tells me im overreacting or im overthinking it. I just dont know what to do anymore.

  13. I have heart problems. My parents divorced when I was 2. My real dad thought I didn’t love him, because I thought my step dad was my real dad till I finally realized I was wrong. I have anxiety. I have anxiety attacks constantly. I have ADD. People judge me by my appearance. I know I’m not the skinniest person in the world and I try to be strong and not care what they think but in the end I give up. On top of this, I have depression. Sometimes I want to kill myself. I’ve found ways to not go that far. I feel that when there’s someone out there that cares, or knows what it’s like to go through this, it’s like a sign of hope. Me and you relate so much, and I feel like I can talk to people like you. Thank you for being one of those people. <3

  14. I am truly my worst enemy. I am constantly putting myself in positions where i dont feel safe. Everything that has ever happened to me is because of me. I went to popping pills and i did and went though a lot of horrible things. Im doing better now in my life i try every day to wake up and just smile. But as someone who has anxiety, its really really hard to "simply" get out of bed and be productive. To be healthy.. If im gonna be quite honest with you kian, and myself, i have been very very lonely. I sometimes cry because i have to force a smile for family. I dont have a single friend. Never really have had a good friend to talk to and who relates to me. I blame myself constantly. I put others ahead of myself and i always end up hurt. I obsess about specific things that i know others like and i try every single day that i am with those people to impress them with my knowledge of whatever it is they like. Both good and bad. It suck i feel like i am in a prison like you say. And its just even more embarrassing and shameful of me to even say this out loud because i am about to become a therapist and i cant even handle my own emotions. I just have always felt every critique that i feel people give me and it hurts. I wish knew what i am doing wrong? 🙁 i hate feeling lonely. I would give anything to just be truly happy and to feel loved and to just have someone to talk to that respects me and wont judge or talk down to me. I just want to be free. I have come too far to give up but i have come so close to falling apart all over again. Im coming close now to falling apart.. I have no one kian. I just dont want to be alone anymore… Even if im surrounded by people, i feel like i am the only one in the room just alone and no one sees that im hurt but me and i just wish someone would just listen to me and be for me and never abandon me or leave me alone. 🙁 sorry for the long comment, i dont think anyone will read this anyways. Thanks for sharing this video kian. Ive been a fan since the begining of O2L and still a huge fan of you and J.C. hopefully i dont make you feel sad. I dont want people to feel the pain im in right this moment. I wouldnt wish this type of pain on anyone. I was taught to spread love and happiness. Lets break the chains of anxiety and depression together??? ??

  15. Anxiety is not easy it's really hard Kian you are right people say oh it's easy to get over it's not and I am 13 years old and I've had anxiety almost through Middle School and all of the elementary and anxiety is the least of my problems I also go through depression and feeling I'm unwanted and feeling that nobody would listen but then yet again I hear that you would listen you don't know how much it means the world to me that you would listen because nobody would listen to me even sometimes my Mom and Dad won't listen to me so thank you so much I love you Kian

  16. I know this video was a long time ago but I'm going to tell you my struggles anyway well right now I'm 17 I am in high school and I have depression anxiety PTSD borderline personality disorder and I don't know what else I got yet but 5 years ago about I lost my best friend suicide and I still blame myself 7th grade year is when I started cutting myself because I blame myself for my best friend's death 8th grade year I got bullied by two boys emotionally by two boys and then a group of girls attacked me beat the s*** out of me on for 3 years ago that my best EX friend Bully Me online and I almost committed suicide 9th grade so last school year I was cutting burning binging and I was also going through emotional and physical abuse from my birth mom if you want to know the whole story just give me your information if you have an Instagram or SnapChat I don't mind talking to you cuz it might inspire you but 7 months ago I finally left her but it's still hard to be me like I don't sleep at all I have nightmares and it's a struggle so if anyone wants to talk to me or need someone to talk to I'm here love you guys so much even though I don't know you guys but I love you all

  17. If anyone ever asks me what’s it like to have anxiety again instead of losing my shit I’ll just send them this

  18. I was so close to crying because I relate so much to this. I’ve never been more in love with you. ?❤️

  19. Kian, I'm pretty new to your channel. I'm 51 and have a 20 yr old son with many issues like this. I'm so proud of you for making this video. There is such a stigma on mental illness and taboo enough where people try to hide it. Which can actually make it worse for them. Thank you and I love you as all these other people do and here for you too. Just call me momma Kim. Love and light cutie.

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