Am I a ho for wearing this to the gym?

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  1. Definitely not. Maybe a little edgy if you left the waistband showing above the shorts, but that would be hot, not ho!

  2. It’s kinda hot when a man is a whore. Just be in bed by the weekend. Can’t risk him finding out. Unless he’s into it. 😏

  3. Lol nope. I strip down to a thong in the locker room all the time. I’m not a ho. Usually. 😉

  4. Not with a body like that! As you can tell we’re all excited to see that beautiful ass of yours!!!

  5. Nah, merely wearing a jockstrap to the gym isn’t being a ho. Getting fucked against the equipment or in the locker room during business hours? THAT’S a ho. Also, sweet ass.

  6. LOL – Not a ho for wearing a jockstrap at the gym. Yes a ho if you wear a jockstrap at the gym while shirtless with your shorts around your knees. 😁

    Actually the question amuses me with the assumption that jockstraps are fetish wear. Before they were fetish wear they were required exercise wear. When I was in high school (don’t ask how long ago that was) all the boys were required to wear jockstraps under their shorts for PE. I still wear them at the gym.

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