Hello /r/askgaymen I apparently got banned from a different sub for asking this, it seems pretty extreme, but if its not okay then I won’t ask it here,ist supposed to be an ordinary and innocuous question about a contemporary topic and the subject is very interesting

This was the article –
its a national newspaper website and the article is fairly recent https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/24/no-asians-no-blacks-gay-people-racism

I assumed this would be okay to discuss, apparently in some circles we must be protected from even questioning a national newspaper article

My original question was this, and innocently meant. https://www.reddit.com/r/lgbt/comments/7ntrz2/owen_wilsons_comments_that_indicating_racial/ (yes, its owen jones, not owen wilson, I messed that up -.- I assume that wasn’t the reason for my banning (no idea, it might be, maybe owen wilson is a hate figure to them, who knows – they never told me just banned me, then muted me, then deleted the post (no overreaction, clearly))

if its ok then I will ask here, if not I’ll go somewhere else


  1. So, what’s your point? Because this seems like you’re mostly just whining about being banned in a different subreddit.

  2. Pretty sure it’s been discussed loads of times before, but nab I see no reason why we can’t discuss it. We’re (mostly) adults. I’ve had people turn me down for being black but I don’t really see it as racist, per se (depending on the reason) , but I do tend to respect the person far, far less.

  3. Yes one’s racist preferences are racist. If you have racist preferences, your preferences are racist. I know it sounds tautological, but there is no other way to say it.

    People seem to be under the impression that since one cannot *choose* or *change* one’s sexual preferences, then one cannot be blamed or criticized for one’s preferences, and this might be defensible position, but where people err is to believe that if one did not *choose* to be racist then one could not possibly *be* racist. *That* latter belief is false and absurd. *Being* racist doesn’t require *choosing* to be racist. Racist is as racist does, there’s no requirement of *mens rea* to racism. Just because you didn’t make a conscious choice to have racial preferences that doesn’t mean those preferences aren’t racist. If they are racist they are racist, and that’s that, regardless of whether or not you could ever choose or change them. Just accept the reality for what it is.

    If you publicly express your racist preferences for all to see, then everyone will know your racist preferences are racist. So basically, not only are you racist (which you could be forgiven for, after all you didn’t choose to have racist preferences) but you must also believe to some extent that your racism is just and proper and normal and acceptable. It demonstrates that you feel no qualms (or not enough qualms anyway) about letting others know how racist you are and how little you respect or value other people. That is less forgivable than merely having a racist preference and keeping it to yourself.

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