This is a collection of trailers for upcoming gay themed movie . ———————————————————————————————- if you like my videos please…


  1. That last one looks so cute and I'm so mad about it because my stupid brain won't focus on both movies/shows and subtitles at the same time so I can't fucking watch it

  2. The first one is literally me! I saw the trailer when I was in the cinema and I instantly said to my sister “we’re watching this and you have no choice”

  3. First and last movies look great… I love foreign films so that last one is gonna be good… also it's in Spanish so I don't need subs… even though I won't understand some of the words because I can tell by the trailer ?… both films look good… actually might even watch the lesbian one with Rachel McAdamas… cause she's a lesbian now and that's so fetch… Regina George is in love with a girl, she's such a lesbian, she's so going in the Black Book now…

  4. OMG… I am so watching Disobedience because I love, love Rachael McAdams and Weiss is awesome too… Can't wait.

  5. I am becoming more crazy and crazy. Lately I rarely watch hetero movies. All I watch is gay this gay that and absolutely love gay love.

  6. Some of these movies look downright awesome I just wish I would know when they come out I hope you inform the public when these movies come out and where they're playing. Cheers for all the good work great actors.

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