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  1. I like your Ninja Team. They seem like fun, cool people to hang with. That food looked so good. Just need to go to VN now!

  2. I was born and raised in the Dallas, Texas area 60 years ago and I speak English with a practiced neutral accent. I was careful to drop my Texas accent when in college. My California friends were one of my few positive influences in that respect. I also speak Vietnamese. I would be very happy to help Vietnamese children learn English. I taught my adopted Vietnamese orphan daughter to speak English and learned Vietnamese in the process. How much trouble would I have in picking up a TEFL cert? I have a 30-year engineering background.

  3. Another great video, Alex. I love what you are doing with Ninja Teacher with the courses and student support. Wish I was in a place where I could leave today and come join you in VN. Hopefully soon! Keep it up!

  4. I'm in my last year of working toward my BS but already have my TEFL. Every time I watch one of your videos it makes me want to come to Vietnam to teach. I'm still undecided where I want to go but am giving myself until Christmas to decide.

  5. It's awesome to be able to enjoy such beautiful surroundings while on a business trip. It seems like such a chill place, and being able to play with puppies is a nice bonus! Glad you guys were able to enjoy some down time.

  6. What could be nicer than puppy therapy?Β  I wish my team meetings were like those at N-Teacher. Nobody went in the water?

  7. Thanks Alex and Kyle another adventure discover hot spot in vn. The puppies 🐢 are cute. The spider big and scary.

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