A tour of Amsterdam’s Gay pride canal parade + a visit to my favorite Falafel shop in the city ( ? THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE )
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In this video, I attended the Amsterdam Gay Pride in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Situated in all throughout the city, this event can’t be missed! Whatever your sexual orientation is, all are welcome! The festival takes place through the canals in Amsterdam, winding their way from one neighborhood to the next. You can expect festive clothing, large crowds, balloons shaped like male body parts, loud music, a confetti filled sky, and lots of partying.

The party gets started early in the afternoon and continues into the wee hours of the morning. The neat thing about Amsterdam Gay Pride is that it’s free to attend and requires no registration or tickets. Simply walk up to any of the many canals lining the city, and take part in the festivities.

Although Amsterdam Gay Pride occurs over a week, the canal parade is only one special day! Instead of a road, there is water and instead of floats there are boats. Each boat is decorated differently to represent a community, team, or league.

From cops and firefighters to elderly Dutch men, each boat is as entertaining as the one that came before it. The crew on the boats typically dance to music which they have choreographed.

Some quick observations I had from attending the parade, was that it was very inclusive. Everyone was welcome to attend and it appeared as if everyone in the city had attended. I liked this very much, as it made the event feel very united and harmonious. Here is a parade that takes over the entire city with a globally controversial topic, and yet everyone is rejoicing and having a good time.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Amsterdam Gay Pride experience! I had a fabulous time strolling up and down the canals watching the various performances, and eating food from the many street food vendors that set up shop on this one day event.

Next, I went to Maoz Vegetarian for a falafel sandwich. Although Maoz Vegetarian is indeed a chain, the produce and ingredients used are incredibly fresh and tasty. You can buy a falafel sandwich for only 4.90 EURO which is one of the cheapest dining options in the entire city! Amsterdam can be quite expensive (when it comes to dining out) so Maoz offers a cheap and healthy option for backpackers and tourists on a budget.

They practice an open bar concept which means that you can keep going back for more toppings, which is pretty neat. The falafel sandwich is comprised of falafel (chick pea patties) and you can choose from an assortment of toppings such as pickled eggplants (my favorite), tomato salad, couscous salad, pickles, olives, cucumber salad, coleslaw, etc. They also sell Dutch fries which come with interesting sauces such as mayo, satay (peanut butter), or curry flavored ketchup.

Amsterdam Gay Pride
Official website: https://www.amsterdamgaypride.nl/
Canal parade 2016: Began at 1:30pm
For more information about the next Amsterdam Gay Pride canal parade, please check their website.

Maoz Vegetarian
Address: Muntplein 1, 1017 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hours: Open daily 11am-1am
Phone: +31 20 420 7435

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  2. Haha, that little Vespa Car at the end, I've had one for about 13 years!
    Perfect city transportation ?✌️

  3. I used to live in Amsterdam but left time ago. The only item that has survived all the moving around since then is an original recipe of the MAOZ falafel. They are really that good.

  4. Wow – I clicked on your videos to see more Cambodia but the thumbnail for this really stood out. I can't pass up a gay parade. lol. Yes, that parade was gorgeous and looked like a lot of fun. I"ve never been to Amsterdam. Now, on to your Cambodia videos.

  5. I was once convinced Holland was the intelligence capital of Europe – it might be true, they really know how to get the best out of life – impressing – 🙂

  6. Hey dudes!
    Make sure to watch yesterday's vlog "Amsterdam's Vondelpark is Crazy Beautiful" https://youtu.be/WhDqeBkt7hI
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