Andrew Scheer gave a speech at the Conservative Party policy convention in N.S., but didn’t mention Maxime Bernier amid turmoil over the former leadership candidate quitting the party to form his own.

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  1. A carbon tax makes a lot of sense if the tax money goes towards decreasing our carbon footprint.
    A carbon tax forces businesses to make changes BUT it also gives them the freedom to decide what changes they want to make.1 We either drasticly decrease our carbon footprint OR 2 we can pay someone else, too.?.So what are you gonna do about it?
    . 196 countries agreed that global warming is a REAL problem and We can't agree on anything. NOTHING!!!
    The USA is the ONLY one who disagrees but they're also the oblivious owners of the PETRO DOLLAR!
    If the world burns less oil the USA WILL lose control over the supply of oil and make their agrrement with the Saudi family useless

  2. Will Mr Free Trade man take action to in preventing the dairy cartel robbing Canadians by charging 40 bucks for a lb of cheese.

  3. Scheer, you split the votes! WE are fence riders and we don't take the political polls, which means the polls are not accurate as you believed! For the sake of Max, we would vote you. Now, NO. We have Max to vote! You don't even support your team member, can we believe you will support an average Canadian if you are PM?

  4. With Proportional Representation conservatives could support Andrew Scheer, or Maxime Benier without consequence.

  5. It's beautiful to see the conservatives fragment once again. 2019 is going to be glorious. Vote Liberal.

  6. very impressed with him. No comparison to the liberal leader who is a liability to our great country….. Lets rally behind him and defeat the existing P.M. He's the guy…… Perhaps Bernier will win a couple of seats in Quebec…… but I doubt it will be more than 2.

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