Andy Cohen And Don Lemon Gets Smashed

Seems New Years was a crazy time for a lot of people being filmed on live tv.

First, people on twitter can’t stop bashing Andy Cohen for his terrible performance hosting New Years Eve on CNN with Anderson Cooper.

Cohen got the gig after Kathy Griffin was fired earlier in the year (as an aftereffect of her Donald Trump head scandal). But, it seems that many CNN viewers now want Kathy Griffin back because of Cohen’s terrible job filling in her shoes.

Apparently, Cohen was only focused on namedropping, giving bad interviews, and plugging his own shows.

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Meanwhile, another CNN host is making news but in a much more positive light.

CNN host Don Lemon apparently got very drunk while on air and decided to celebrate the new year by kissing his boyfriend on screen.

Lemon was co-hosting the New Orleans location with co-host Brooke Baldwin as the new year entered.

Last year, Lemon opened up about his love life and said:

“I always live my life to the very fullest but I need a bit more balance in my life. I may be open to a relationship this year, I wasn’t before.”

Now this year, Lemon was happily taken and very happy to share that fact with the rest of the world.

After taking several shots with Baldwin, Lemon states that he actually met his current boyfriend at that very spot last year.

“Well, it happened! He was here, last year, in the bar. It’s your one year anniversary of meeting him, and hanging out.”

To which Baldwin replied, “It is! We love him, and he’s right over there.”

Then around 12:04 am, Lemon and his boyfriend, named Tim Malone, kissed on camera.

Lemon said, “I love you baby, happy new year!”

Here’s to hoping the new year sees only good things for Lemon and Malone, and that it brings back Kathy for the next CNN New Year’s bash.