Bi dude (I think), wanting to explore. It’s actually been a couple decades since I was with a dude and never did anal. I’m not sure I’d be into it. Oral for sure and maybe some frotting. How likely am I to find partners into what I’m into, or even willing to just play and not do anal? I don’t think I’m looking for a relationship, just occasional trysts.


  1. When I hook up for casual fun it’s usually kissing, body contact, oral, and rimming. Guys are either already on the no-anal-the-first-time train or cool with it when I say that’s what I want. So I think you’ll be fine.

  2. It seems pretty common. Although it can’t hurt to mention on a grindr profile or something just to save having the conversation at a later stage.

  3. Well, you should give it a fair try before you decide you don’t like it.

    Auto be honest with yourself; for a lot of guys who are afraid if anal, it’s because they’re not 100% okay with their sexuality, or are insecure about their masculinity and afraid anal would make them less manly. Or that silly machismo thing, where gay sex is somehow only okay if you’re the top.

    And please don’t buy into that g0y nonsense. That’s just deluded, self-loathing craziness.

    But that said, if you don’t want to do anal, don’t do anal. It’s your body.

  4. For me anal is great but… so personal and intimate that I only enjoy it in relationships. So that said I agree with your comment and when meeting guys specifically for a fling I chat, ask about likes, if anal comes up I mention that I am not into anal off the bat and mention that they shouldn’t expect it and ask if that is a deal breaker. For most, they are 100% still OK for a meet, some are relieved, some are disappointed, very few cancel or are pushy. Just clarifying your wishes before meeting and you should be fine to be “you”… Gay, bi, or str8 🙂

  5. I might suggest before counting out anal entirely get yourself a prostate massager. I am rarely in the mood to actually get fucked but that toy is something I think all men would enjoy if they give it a shot.

  6. Yeah I’m not really a fan of anal either. I’ve never did it so I can’t truly say if I’d like it or not, just have a feeling that I wouldn’t and anal porn vids don’t interest me at all

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