Excluding Yuri on Ice and Free!

Not one of your typical questions on r/askgaymen, but I wanted to get the thoughts of other gay men in particular.

My original question was going to be “Are there any anime with good LGBT characters/representation that are worth watching?” But then I thought there may be anime with things other than that that I should still be watching as a gay man, so, here we are.

Thoughts appreciated! I’ve already gotten recommendations from general redditors, so this is explicitly asking for things that other gay men may have enjoyed, that I also might enjoy.

Note: I have a hard time with subs, so dub is preferable.

Thanks for your time!

Edit: if you can give the reason you think these fit what I’m asking too, that would be appreciated!


  1. This boy can fight aliens

    This boy caught a merman

    This boy is a professional wizard

    This boy suffers from crystilization

  2. Neon Genesis Evangelion! Not only is it my favorite anime ever but there are awesome gay themes near the end.

    Also, Devilman Crybaby and arguably Berserk revolve around a friendship with gay undertones

  3. It’s mostly lesbian (even if the male bishounen characters are bae), but Revolutionary Girl Utena is an absolutely heart-breaking romantic tragedy where everyone is bisexual.

    Be aware the first third is mostly campy formulaic and seemingly aimed for young people while the final third is mind-fuck horror.

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