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The purpose of this video is to get a message across to the guys that think it’s all about looks. Six pack abs don’t make you irresistible, it’s your personality and how strong your character is. I must say though, getting ripped truly does raise your confidence and that alone can significantly change the way girls view you as. For me, fitness has been the spark of my involvement and passion to self-development. In this video, I ask girls a few questions such as,
do girls care more about personality or look
do girls like guys with muscles
do girls like muscular guys
do girls like guys with abs
do girls like skinny guys
do girls like jacked guys
do girls like bulky or ripped guys
do girls like abs
do girls like six pack abs
do girls like fat guys

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  1. Women are being honest when they say personality. It's why you see average looking guys with pretty girls and why some gym rats are single or stuck in the dating phase.It's one thing to attract a horny girl. Quite another to attract someone you want to be with and who wants to be with you because of a strong connection. Looks have fuck all to do with that. Same with a guy slobbering over a gorgeous girl.
    Point is, go to the gym for you, not for some hypothetical woman. The things that will help you get a women are your core personailty traits. Your day to day manner. How you treat them. If you are funny. A jerk or not. Going to the gym shows that you are active, fit, care about your appearance and take pride in your body and other positive traits. THAT is what is attractive. A good body is a minor side effect for most women. I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with someone who places too much importance on looks. Looks fade. Life can change and get in the way. It is pretty shallow when you get down to it.

  2. I say staying shredded is a lot harder then getting big I could do a dirty bulk and love it but I stick to my lean clean bulk

  3. Six packs are for impressing 13 year old girls lol bulky and heavy muscle mass is for getting women like tom hardy from bane now that is a body for getting women

  4. Female logic : "Guys are annoying when they look at themselves !
    I want them to look at ME ME ME only ! So the exact same thing I AM doing all day long !"

  5. that picture looks fake like no racism but you had white shoulders and darker stumick like what?

  6. no girls aren't attracted to men who have six packs and muscles , so all the men who are trying to get girls by having a great body forget , it wont work .

  7. Oh no girls definitely care about aesthetics. You are just asking the wrong people. These people are more emotionally inclined. Now ask these same questions to hot bad bitches and you will get a different response

  8. Should have gotten someone else to ask the questions, in order to reduce experimenter interference when he shows them the pictures. Their responses were likely influenced by not wanting to offend him.

  9. Good videos dude, you are good conversationalist and seem like nice guy overall and also great physique. Keep it up!!

  10. He should have ripped his shirt off and busted out a pose every time they say they like abs.

  11. This dudes lock screen is a picture of himself with his shirt off… what a twat lol. There's a difference between confident in your body and being a complete asshole lmao

  12. unfortunately i cant continue bodybuilding because whey cause me acne nd i m vegan i used to be like you in my past 🙁

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