Who knew so many hot guys were single?!
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Hi guys!! In today’s video I’m interviewing hot guys in Venice and asking them why they’re single. It’s really interesting what they have to say! I went into filming this with a really open mind and had no idea what to expect. By the way, the term “hot” or “attractive” is very subjective and I was mostly just choosing random guys I saw. I hope you guys enjoy this video!!


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  1. no offense but they are not really HOT …above average-looking ….merely cute…but not WTF YOU RE HOT

  2. How to be annoying – be a high pitched girl who speaks in a childish American high school accent and also speak quickly and frantically. Oh and assume you're funny and engaging when you're neither.Fucking grow up young Americans. You're embarrassing.

  3. Well more men become single because rewards in relationship are small comparing to what they put in.After getting married a man has balls chopped off and freedom cut down.

  4. hot guys hi… Cupid here… if you want to see me just go outside and look up and bring chocolate candy cause I like it OK?

  5. Can I make a stupid comment ?XD
    The guy without a shirt on (with GREAT body *obviously*)is JUST TOO CUTE!!!
    I mean he is so my type ?
    Just ignore me bt like if you agree ??

  6. And i have beautiful turkish girlfriend!!! When asian guys cry about their skin color and doing math, i do sing dance work out good voice good cute looking tall im so superior heheheheh im the ome winner p.o

  7. Hot guys are boring cuz there are millions of hot guys in the world. And its no unique at all. Its fucking boring. Cuz as an artist myself i hate to be same looking like other people. I wanna be unique kinda like korean rapper reddy.hehehe

  8. wow her forehead is huge., it looks like a wig on a bald woman that has accidentally slipped back a few inches.

  9. My nephew needs this question too! Check out my nephew!

  10. Girls are allowed to be single because they are selective and aware of their value. But when a good looking guy is single, the only rational conclusion is that there must be something wrong with them or they're a player. I'll take BS double standards for 1000, Alex.

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