I’m a 65 y/o gay man. People keep telling to give up looking – that I’m way too old.

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  1. Never give up! My boyfriend is 64 and I’m 34; we’ve been dating for 20 months.

    I’ve always preferred older men since they tend to be more emotionally mature, something I find incredibly sexy.

  2. There are younger men into older men and I’m pretty sure there’s a sub Reddit for that….not that I go to it….

  3. From time to time there are news articles of people in nursing homes that meet and get married.

    Now, I hope it happens a lot sooner for you. Maybe time to move to a new city ?

  4. I’m into older guys but most of the older men only go after twinks.. and sadly I am not one so I get overlooked.

  5. Too old? I have a friend who went to the base-camp of Everest after 70… twice.

    It may be you need to change your audience… it may be you need to redouble your personal fitness. Don’t know enough about your situation to say. However, there are guys I know who are 65… are HOT… and are doing just fine sexually…

    You can too!

  6. I worked at a retirement home for 15 years and people CONSTANTLY found love there. There is no age limit or expiration date for companionship.

  7. I’m 65 and I love everyone,if you believe you are all done,finished than thats you,.. join a Meetup group your age,we all can get along just fine,respect goes a long way..wishing all us 65 yr olds the best,find where you belong and enjoy life. 👍💕😊

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