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Alan Sinclair

I actually started doing this just for self entertainment and the reactions were priceless. Before filming I had girls say things like “You’re a black male and that’s enough for me.” Girls also said “I like people with skin darker than mine.” It was a long tedious video and SO many people just didn’t want to be a part of it which is always fine. I think this social interaction is actually very interesting and even resourceful; guys you can actually open conversations like this. I’m not sure how it will work for picking up girls but as you can see you definitely get some awesome reactions.

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Equipment Used: Canon Vixia G20, Canon EOS 70D, Rodemic

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  1. I'm like Lol he put stewey over face but then she requested it!!! Omfg wtf she sounds like the coolest person with her answer

  2. Sorry but you're not attractive at all. Great shape but no more.
    Girls are sayign yes just in order to hurt you

  3. The first white bitch is the girl I wanna beat the shit out of I have a lot of white whores in my High school too

  4. The girl with the stewy on her face is a lesbian. i am 99.9% sure and its not cause she doesn't find him attractive

  5. 2:03
    Sorry.. But girl look like she was looking at some fine merch at an auction… or sinking deep in LOOOOVE

    That joke was probably gonna get darker but it's up to your imagination

  6. It's amazing how self hating blacks makes a video to see how many Europeans find this coon attractive!!

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