Baseball Agent Fired

A baseball agent is in trouble for allegedly recording his clients while they showered.

Jason Wood originally worked for the Arland Sports agency, but he later became the president of the baseball division of the CSE agency after it bought out Arland.

Despite his high-profile position, it seems Wood is not bullet proof as accusations have started flying about what he’s allegedly done to his baseball clients.

One client, who wants to remain anonymous, came forward saying that he was showering at Jason Wood’s St. Louis house, for reasons we cannot comprehend. While in the shower, the athlete allegedly discovered a hidden camera that was recording the entire session.

After that, the player fired Wood as his agent and immediately left.

It seems that this isn’t the only accusation against Jason Wood as a few other anonymous players have come forward to say they were being recorded by him too (whether they were also showering at the time, we don’t know).

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While Jason Wood says that he didn’t do it and that these reports are “absurd and untrue,” Wood is already hurting from the accusations.

Not only has he been fired from his agency, but he’s also being placed under investigation. Jason Wood currently can’t work as an agent while the investigation is ongoing, and he might lose his right to be an agent entirely if the allegations turn out to be true.

“For over 32 years, CSE Talent has prided itself on our moral and ethical standards and have built a solid reputation within the industry,” said CSE president Danny Martoe in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that CSE Talent aligned itself with someone who didn’t uphold these same standards and therefore we chose to terminate with cause Wood’s employment.”

Despite all this, Wood is adamant in saying that he hasn’t done anything and that these allegations are false.

Looks like Jason Wood, who used to represent players like the Boston Red Sox’s Andrew Benintendi, the Seattle Mariners’ David Phelps and the Atlanta Braves’ Joey Wentz, needs to look for another job (and another hobby).