Journalist visited Pascha – very popular German brothel in Cologne, biggest in Europe and one of top 5 brothels . Unlike North America , you can buy and sell sex in Germany therefore brothels are legal.
Watch Pascha brothel movie online – prices ,prostitutes, clients.
Pascha in Cologne offer flat rates and money-back guarantee for customers who are not fully satisfied.

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  1. I have honestly decided today that in 2.5 years I'll be on my way retiring to Europe.
    If every city in the world had places like these, crimes would​ be almost non-existent.

  2. In India both prostitutes and prostitution are shit!Narendra Moody is the new prime minister-he is a connoisseur and makes a lot outta indian shits!'Clean upIndia'(Swacha Bharat) is his new-found addiction!! Ha..ha..

  3. that one woman looked like she had either a penis or a huge bush , or is that her snatch falling out ? lol

  4. The manager of the brothel seem very happy with his business expansion. Life is good for him managing prostitution .

  5. Thats really not cool…im vry sxy person but i think there is not little enjoyment for me here…its like to go to school .and doing class work…im not school kid im 24 uni student but im giving example….wht the hell dancers r saying we only dance…and even the girl saying about ten men one night even her saying is nit sexy….sx is like grl in mood man in mood suddenly they decided to fullfil yheir lust from each other that is sex it is not sex…its like doing routine work….sex is like grl frnd at ur home and u both hot and start fuc…g etc…but here just going giving money having orgasm one shot and then out of room…its not close to enjoyment

  6. I want to migrate to this city, this is heaven. Who needs to become a Muslim when you can get more than 72 bitches while on earth

  7. Wives are working and husbands are lazy. Wives maintaining house. If their husbands want to go with other ladies,,,,, again this wives providing money. Wow, what a circulation. Everything about money only, nothing else

  8. Women were murdered in Cologne in the 1990s in prostitution.Including a Thai woman in a house like this.House-Pascha was its name I think. Be careful.The Germans use prostitution as a tourist attraction.Right or wrong.The German sex industry is really tacky and tasteless.Silly men paying for sex. My advice-work in this industry for a short time only.

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