Long story short I met this waiter at a local burger place, he was super friendly and we exchanged snapchat accs, we hit it off immediately and he confessed he’s gay, I’ve always been attracted to women and feminine guys and boy is he one, we exchanged nudes then we agreed to have sex in two days and to tell you the truth I’m panicking, I’m 27 and I’ve only had sex with women, I don’t wanna come off as inexperienced but I really am that, I need any piece of advice. Thanks so much.

Ps. I will be top and I could use info on analingus, wether it’s techniques or what not to do.


  1. Why don’t you begin by asking yourself what you want to try and experience and not what we think you should do. Sex isn’t a public act and you’re not going to get points for doing different positions. It’s just you and him in a room without your clothes on. Don’t over think, communicate with one another (I actually mean talk, talk with one another) observe how he reacts to different touches, movements, kisses and other sensual explorations and have fun. You’re just making memories at the end of the day. Don’t make them rushed and don’t just go straight for the orgasm.

    Regarding analingus I recommend that the person showers before hand to assure a degree of cleanliness and if you fancy use a gumguard.

    Please wear a condon and use lube. When you think you’ve used enough add another splurge to be sure.

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