Jason Collins is the first and tallest openly gay athlete in professional sports. ESPN’s Chris Broussard worries that it might be hard for straight athletes to shower with a gay teammate. Do you share Bill’s confusion about why anybody cares? Comedians Jimmy Dore, Bill Burr (Comedy Central, Breaking Bad, Letterman, Conan, The Monday Morning Podcast) and political analyst Ben Mankiewicz (Host, Turner Classic Movies) break it all down on this installment of The Jimmy Dore Show.

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  1. Crazy Christians, do you remember what life was like before you were born, exactly that’s the way it will be after you are gone. Nothing. Just ————————————————————————————-

  2. What a goof, if you had a brain tumor and managed to get the best doctor in the world, but found out that he was gay, lets just hope you’d say fuck it I’m going to meet Jesus.

  3. Jesus Christ, really, this dude says because the Bible claims something is a sin that you can't be Christian if you commit that sin. SO he is the only Christian since Jesus to not sin? WTF do these morons even hear themselves.

  4. It's fun for christians to pick and choose which sin to condemn groups for. They should focus on something bigger like our government openly committing crimes of war in other countries and murdering millions of people, but I guess being gay is worse.

  5. Most gay men have been with women. I think more straight guys should try gay sex. You know, just in case it really does feel good.

  6. a low level tennis player would wipe any of you fat sloths right off the battlefeild. you have no idea how hard modern tennis is. athletes with other sexual orientations have been in sports, you all just havent known. but even a state ranked female tennis player could run you into the ground. i know i coach them. i am not kidding. i have run a famous road race in usa — 35plus years in a row. very , very few superstar tennis players that are not as tall and fast as a defensive back now…. you are fools

  7. I'm a Christian, but I'm not going around saying anything. I mean, who am I? I'm not God. I'm not going to judge other people. My sister is gay. I never said anything. Sin or not, it's not my place to be judging people. Hell, I've got way too much imperfection to do that. Also, I love Bill. I did standup with him back in Boston when he was telling little jokes to "avoid hecklers," as he's said. If you see him, ask him about the 99 Restaurant in Saugus or Nick's Comedy stop downtown Boston Monday, Sunday nights. He's probably the best comic mind out there today.

  8. Says "I don't know the Bible," then goes on to say what what Jesus did. Actually, Jesus DID kick people out of the temple (Matthew 21:12). But then again, you don't know the Bible.

  9. Liberals: If you come out as gay you are such a hero and can do no wrong. There is nothing wrong with being gay, they are the salt of the earth and embody everything that is good in society.

    Conservative: who cares if your gay? I'm for traditional values

    Liberals: That conservative jerk, I think that faggot is a closet homo.

    Moral: When a liberal wants to insult a conservative with the worst accusation possible, they call you homosexual, but for some reason conservatives are the homophobes………………………

  10. You people realize science disproves the 'born this way' myth, right? The left so obvioiusly hates science and fact

  11. I FULLY agree with Bill Burr, you let the opinion come out, then you educate. You don't just bash and hurt them monetarily, then you create retaliation and martyrdom.

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