shirtless men wearing black speedos. I don’t know a single man who hasn’t had a black speedo. The perfect choice.


  1. My swim team has the option of choosing speedos or jammers to wear at the meets. I intentionally chose speedos because it shows more thigh.

  2. @beats1969 Sorry you're so threatened. I guess you have some sexual identity probs. Don't worry being gay or bi as you are is relatively acceptable these days.

  3. I wear a bikini which has a string side at the beach but I have abs, tan, etc. There's nothing worse than wearing those stupid board "pants" on the beach, plus they take two hours to dry. I have to see chicks in skimpy swimwear, some hot, some not, so I'll wear what I want to, too.

  4. Of couse it is. The same as the ones who say that men who wear speedos wear women's panties. Only difference is that the speedo men look better.

  5. Didn't you notice that the video was specially made for you?
    If you want, I will add "dedicated to CenturianRule".

  6. Becvause it is not my point. What I tried to say is that every man I knew (with rare exceptions) used speedo and all, I mean really all of them prefered the color blck. I am not saying anything about swimming techniches or sponsored swimmers. If you see once more, you will notice that most of the images are of ordinary men who are at the beach, the club, their pools or wherever.

  7. If you have a body speedos work but to me most men even hot ones look best in boxers or the long surfer type trunks.

  8. Summertime by Aaron Carter. Lorenzo Lamas is the past that I should want to see in the present. Thanks.

  9. thanks! that was lots of fun. 🙂 by whom was the song? nice to see some blasts from the past, esp. lorenzo lamas and dennis quaid. 🙂 ciao!

  10. They all look hot, esp. the skimpiest like .58, and the lowest cut, like .08 and 1.29 and the best bulges e.g. 1.11 and the best bodies, like 3.04. The tighter, the briefer the better! Speedos are great because they show off a man's butt, his snail trail to his cock and balls, and his hot bod. That's body builders all wear the smallest cut speedos and g strings of course!

  11. one question who is the guy that comes in 0:58 minutes? artist is known or can pass me Who is your photo? I like to study design and Using a picture to work from school I'm from mexico: D bye.

  12. I saw it. I'm drooling untill now. Please, send me your photo wearing (???) the Lacoste speedo for my next video.

  13. you might have a look at the Chad White speedo of Lacoste , published in the french gay magazine Têtu Plâge 🙂
    I bought a Lacoste speedo as well 😉 toooo sexy

  14. these are very sexy models. I like the guy at 3:27. He is not wearing a speedo but he looks great. Thanks for posting.

  15. Sorry about that. The answer was directed to orionluckystar and not yto you but something went wrong. You are right, of course.

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