TV & radio broadcast safe version of the FCKH8 video

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  1. This is sorta afensive to religious people, and not cause the gay people stuff, but because the said Adam and Eve into it, and then said Adam and Steve. Don't ask why it's afensive because then I'm gonna have to say stuff that these dumb asses that made this video, relly mad. Relly

  2. I'll fuck with who ever the fuck I want ya shits don't be fucking telling me what not to do with all fucking adopted asses 2 dicks can't make a kid and two pussys can't make a kid fags hope y'all die and ya fags don't even try to report this because I don't give a FUCK

  3. Absolutely ridiculous. Now that's just even more hate, they're just sending even more hate to the haters of gay marriage. Gay marriage is 100% f**ked up. It's stupid and gross. And they say the word "f**k" constantly. This is absolute bulls**t.

  4. Can I say my opinion right now.
    I have nothing against being gay so let me make this clear. I don't like it when gay people are like "YAAAASSSS QUEEN LETS GO TO THE GAY STRIP CLUB." Out in public. I don't care if you are gay. Just stop making it seem like everyone in the whole world has to know. Because news flash NO ONE CARES

  5. Haha, this is actually from their channel? This really highlights how reliant these guys are on shock value.

  6. every one of you want it video better get yourself right with the Lord because you were about to receive the plagues. you are also selfish in your sins that you don't even recognize how foolish you look and sound. I feel sorry for you. you need Jesus like nobody's business. And I'm not talking about that Jesus preached at most churches nowadays, that fake love Jesus who accepts everyone for who they are, I'm talking about the Jesus who loves everyone but is going to punish Those who are persecuting his people. homosexual homosexuals fit this category because you are persecuting Christians who believe that homosexuality is a sin.

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