Your favorite flight attendant, Charlie, is back! He’s been off work for a year working on his new book Flying High with Charlie about his life as a gay flight attendant.
Charlie (Brandon Salerno) and his best friend and fellow flight attendant Wendy (Iliana Incocencio) arrive at the set of everyone’s favorite drag queen talk show Afternoon Tea with Shirley U Jest. They run into disgraced director Jennifer from their safety video (Ann Marie Yoo) and of course a surprise by Charlie’s ex-boyfriend/stalker Nick (Matty Frazier). The craziness is just beginning.
Flying High with Charlie is a gay comedy web series about a flight attendant trying to make his way through love and life in the big city. Winner of Web Series of the week multiple times from Indie Series Network. So far 12 episodes over three years.
Written and Directed by Brian Pelletier
Produced by OutliciousTV
Shot entirely at YouTube Space New York.