Explored Canada with my man! THINGS GOT STEAMY! Spend more time with us on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram: PK514 and Mr_mikeyV PK’s Snapchat: …


  1. Canada yassssss!!!!! My second home. So weird watching this as I was in Whistler this summer. Brings back memories.

  2. Great video. I am glad you enjoyed Canada….The baby made my day.
    Much love from Moncton, NB

  3. Yay for ??. I am currently living in Alberta originally from Saskatchewan. Next time go to the island. Victoria and the island is amazing. Hope you went all Canadian and enjoyed the food. I just found this channel recently and have been binge watching. You guys are great and have so much fun. ?

  4. YAAAAAAY! You did it again! "I feel so bougie, like Gandalf, "You shall not pass!'" OMG, I'm dying over here. Still can't get over the San Fran Hermione impression!

  5. Lol I forgot what PK looked like with shorter hair! Rewatching this a year later because your video with mikes mom looking at the scrapbook photos from this trip made me wanna go back in time to when you came to my country lmao. ☺️ #sentimental

  6. i heard someone speaking portuguese, and sounded like a brazillian man saying: "vai de pé, isso"…. i got so happy with it hahahaha, love u guys!! huge fan from Brazil!!

  7. You guys travel the world together but the only place I travel is the other side of my bed. XD

  8. What sad is that I have never been to Canada. And all I have to do is go south and take a bridge…

  9. Guys, I've been speaking english for 15 years in a roll but I can recognize a brazilian portuguese (my native language) from miles of distance lol. So, I do have to ask one thing… If you go to the point of the video 08:10 I heard a guys saying to the baby girls "vai de pés" yes "isso.
    Am I right? or I just miss my first language? lolol

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