Panic! At The Disco leading man Brendon Urie chats with Stephen about their latest album, taking it all off for Girls/Girls/Boys and what to expect from their live shows!

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  1. He described exactly what I felt at his concert… there wasn't a dull moment and I was on my feet screaming every lyric then once it was over I was still screaming… then I fell asleep on the car ride home ?

  2. 0:23 Brendon and all of his fans internally screaming "i swore to shake it up, and they swore to listen"

  3. According to the Mormon faith, Brendon and I are both going to hell because we are part of the LGBTQ+ community. So SEE YOU THERE

  4. That thing Brendon said at the end is completely true! I've seen them twice and both times I crashed as soon as I made it home lol 

  5. but wait when he said the thing about when people go to his concerts he wants them to still feel the energy after like 5 minutes and then realize how tired you are, that literally happened to me. I went his see them in february and when it was over i was like "OMG THST WAS AMZING AHHH" and right when i got in the car i passed out XD

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