British Man Drugged Models To Fuel His Straight Man Fetish

A British man is on trial for using photography to lure men into sex and fulfill his straight men fetish.

Listen, we get that pornography and gay culture have put straight men up on a pedestal, but lusting over straight men really isn’t worth all the hassle.

Some men out there believe that they can turn straight men, even if just for a one time fling. And some other men will do anything to trick straight men into having sex with them. If that ain’t a sign of low self-esteem, we don’t know what is.

News is going around about British man Nigel Wilkinson (45), who decided to use her career and drugs as a way to get into straight men’s pants.

The Bristol Post reports that Wilkinson has pleaded not guilty to 13 charges. One of those charges is for rape, another’s for sexual assault, six counts are for administering a stupefying substance with intent to commit sexual assault, and five counts are for voyeurism.

But what did Wilkinson do exactly? The photographer drugged up straight male models working for him and tried to have his way with them.

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These incidents all happened over two years in-between 2014 and 2016 inside his Totterdown home.

Wilkinson started up an amateur photography business as a way to fulfill his straight men fetish. The trail against Wilkinson brought to evidence a Skype conversation between a user called Straightboylover and another called India152, which was actually a Romanian account.

In the conversation, Wilkinson, who was obviously Straightboylover, admitted to his fetish for straight boys. The disgusting man even admitted that he enjoyed robbing men of their masculinity by sexually assaulting them.

After setting up his photography business, Wilkinson reached out to random men online asking to work with them. He allegedly paid for the men’s travel and paid them for the photo shoots.

Once the men got to his house, Wilkinson forced them to drink alcohol, and sometimes slipped them drugs, before forcing many of his victims to stay over his house for the night.

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Many of the men later told police that they had no memory of intimate/naked photos being taken. Unfortunately for them, the police later found several erotic photos of the victims.

After being arrested on April 2016, drugs were found in the shirt pocket of one of Wilkinson’s clothes, according to Bristol Live. The drugs were two different types of sedatives that have been discontinued since 1992.

After news hit of Wilkinson’s trial, 39 men came forward to say they were photographed by him. Out of those men, 28 stayed over his house for at least one night. Plus, 29 other men were contacted by Wilkinson but never followed through with a photoshoot.

The trial continues.

h/t: Bristol Live