It’s been more than two years since we last saw Justas Jes, and I remember thinking back then that we could have another post of pics of this handsome young hunk on the Gay Body Blog. Indeed, we should have seen him again since then but I’m not sure how many shoots he’s been in since then.

I guess some of the more muscled photos are more recent, because it does seem that he’s been working on his body continuously.

I went back to check out some of the comments on the last post of this guy and it seems there was some criticism of his mood in the photos. I don’t get that at all, most models are serious in their photos unless the photographer is asking for something different, and I think he actually looks pretty sweet.

He’s definitely got a very youthful look, in contrast to all that muscle. It’s an interesting combination to see a guy who looks like he’s in his late teens with a body of a masculine hunk.

All of these pics are by several different photographers as far as I’m aware, but they all offer something. I probably don’t need to say much about that bulge of his, let’s just say that none of us would mind seeing him naked!

Enjoy his pics, leave a comment and hit that thumbs up button, and have a great Thursday 🙂

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