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  1. Lmao. Watching this now, it makes TOTAL sense how Bradlee can deal with the shit Brennen makes him do. Lol. Fucking champ!

  2. I cant eat onions bc im kinda allergic and i can throw up after eating them ??????‍♀️?️‍??️‍?❤️. LUSH U BOTH ?️‍?❤️?️‍?❤️?️‍?

  3. Matt the Dragon am I the only one who thought of that as the cinnamon came out of his mouth in puffs of smoke?

  4. I eat raw onion all the time just give me some seasoning, but don't need the seasoning. Not to mention cooking an onion in any way ruins the onion.

  5. can we talk about the fact that bradlee's onion was noticably (i have no idea how to spell that, lmao) bigger than mathews?

  6. I remember watching this? i really wanted madlee to be a thing but now I'm pretty sure its not gonna happen?

  7. I have a friend that eats onions like apples. I just look at her and wonder how she does it.

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