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Canadian Catholic School Rocked With Multiple Rape & Hazing Scandals

A Roman Catholic school in Canada is shaking it’s head in shock at it’s own multiple rape & assault scandals.

The police are investigating St. Michael’s College School in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after six students were connected to a circulating rape video.

According to CNN, the video shows a heinous scene of a boy being sodomized with a broomstick in the boys’ locker room. A group of football players force the boy to have sex with the broomstick while holding the victim’s legs down.

Thankfully, the school and the authorities caught wind of the video and now those boys are in serious trouble.

Four of the students have already been expelled for the assault, and five turned themselves into the police. As for the last boy, he was arrested while on school grounds, according to VICE News.

But sadly, the case isn’t finished just yet. According to a press conference with Toronto Police Inspector Dominic Sinopoli, there may be more going on with the school.

“We have reason to believe there are more incidents and more videos,” said Sinopoli.


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A second video has appeared of the school’s basketball team slapping a boy who’s wearing only a wet pair of underwear. After that video appeared, four more students were expelled. This time, the video was taken inside a boys’ bathroom. Then, a third video surfaced of an incident involving a belt.

Both the second and third videos are now being investigated as criminal offenses.

It looks like St. Michael’s College School, which is Ontario’s only independent Catholic school for young men, has a very real and barely hidden underbelly of hazing and sexual/physical assault.

But the school insists that it never knew of this underworld before and is doing it’s best for the victims.

“The victims of these horrendous acts are being supported and cared for,” the school said. “We remain focused on our entire student body — their safety, care, and well-being are our main priority.”

Sinopoli encouraged any other St. Michael’s students who were victims of similar situations to reach out to the police.

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