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I was checking out of a hotel in Raleigh and as soon as I opened my room door I could hear a couple having very loud sex. You could hear it throughout the entire 2nd floor. I thought it was funny so I decided to record it. I got to their room door and stood recording with my cell phone. About a minute later my phone started ringing and it was loud. I heard the couple get quiet so I knew they heard my phone. I took off running to the elevator trying not to get caught. lol #SociallyUrban #CaughtOnVideo #Sex #SexyMoans #LoveSounds

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  1. I dunno… that could just have easily been someone watching porn with the volume a bit too loud.

  2. I work at hotel. Every time I do stayovers, I always turn down my music. So one day when I was about to do stayovers, I heard. Moan. The hall way was dead silent so you can hear what goes one. As I heard the moan "I paused and was like oh gosh please don't tell me I'm hearing what I think I'm hearing" so as I walked to see where noise was coming from, oh behold it was indeed a couple having sex in the room. Pretty funny

  3. I work in hotel and this morning I could hear couple fucking :))) It is interesting imagining how are they doing it. Of course I always remember to turn off sounds on my phone.

  4. LMFAO @ when your phone went off my heart would have been beating FASTT lol!!! and quit hating hotel sex is the isshhh.

  5. if I were you I would have broken the door and said "shut the fuck up like really having sex shame on you, you know what you do if your kids do that huh? like you would let them scream uh uh!!" ?

  6. I guess either couples don't care how loud they are or just aren't aware of how noise can travel when your hotel door is inside as opposed to outside of a hotel. The only time I ever heard a couple having sex at a hotel, it was inside at a Comfort Inn. And let me tell you, that woman was screaming her ass off. I saw one dude literally run towards their door. Even though their room was tucked in the corner, you could still easily hear them. And this was 3pm in the afternoon!! I remember because I just checked in, headed up to my room. Most hotels won't let you check in before 3pm.

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