Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov is questioned by the BBC’s Sarah Rainsford on the region’s human rights record.
Human rights groups accuse Mr Kadyrov’s security forces of grave abuses including the kidnap and torture of opponents and gay men.

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  1. Forcing other cultures to accept people that aren't apart of the culture. Western Democracy, everybody.

  2. Well the guy is one of the greatest mafia leaders and the stupid journalist says that he is homophobic. Who gives a fuck about stupif gay people, they are a waste of time. The problem is that Kadyrov is one of the greatest bosses and he is a billionaire.

  3. Human rights should go to Kashmir and see what India has done to Kashmir people they made prisoner out of 8 million people of Kashmir

  4. 1.8 billion Muslims on this earth 25% of the world’s population and the fastest growing religion in the world by far. You will never be able to enforce your dirty sick liberal ideology on us. SIMPLE AS THAT.

  5. This is the sort of place I would like to move to. Maybe I would lead a squad which is given the responsibility to cleanse the area of gay people. They would die brutal death.

  6. Gay please dont be inside the land of warrior ,chechnya. Go somewhere where people will accept you. Go US go Canada. God cursed gays.

  7. Do not be deceived: nor the sexually immoral, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, will inherit the kingdom of God.

  8. Chechnyans are culturally hardass people that follow Traditionnal sunni islam. While I don't give a fuck about non heterosexual people, I still understand why chechnyans don't want them around, it goes against what they stand for. Just like I understand the natively capitalistic USA don't want commies around, just like I understand why catholic 16-17th century france massacred protestants that were basically just blasphemous tax evaders trying their hand at usury in a country were they were warned you can only be catholic, mildly atheistic on the side if you want to, or part of the jewish minority but it's illegal and warrrants death sentence for a christian to tinker with any kind of dirty money and not pay his share anyways.

    I don't necessarily think Kadyrov should do what he does to gays instead of kicking them out, but hell, forcing caucasus born muslims to tolerate gays is like forcing a hungry cat to be nice to sewer rats, or enforcing a communist regime in the state of Texas , that's not how it works, and won't work no matter how hard you try

  9. Stop killing black people for no reason and when you're done with that, then go and fix problems in the mountains of Asia…

  10. Go live somewhere else you pathetic Gaaayyyss. God curses you and they were previously destroyed by God as in POMPEI and Sodom Gomorah. No matter what or how the new world accepts these disgusting gays , we will never and so as the creator!

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