This week Cher dragged Sarah Sanders’ wardrobe, the Riverdale men suited up for some skin-on-skin contact, and one gay grandpa stole the internet’s hearts with a heartwarming coming out story. Here’s what happened on Instagram:

Austin Holmes went to West Palm beach.


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Ricky Martin laid on the couch.

Miles McMillan laid down with his dogs.

Laith Ashley stretched before bed.

Chris Pratt soaked up the sun.

Ross Butler lifted heavy things.

Charlie Puth got tested.

Luke Evans woke up in LA.

Derrick Gordon got dressed.

Staz Nair took a selfie in his trailer.

Gus Kenworthy qualified for the Olympics.

Tyson Beckford celebrated leg and chest day.

Mario Lopez did some jiu-jitsu.

Dustin Lance Black had breakfast outside.

Eliad Cohen sat poolside.

Wilson Cruz shaved.

Franco Noriega posed for Paper.

Ari Gold worked on a secret project.

Dan Amboyer used the bathroom by the front door.

Simon Dunn held his country’s flag.

Alex Pettyfer got his hair cut.

Terry Miller got a new pair of underwear.

And Titanius Maximus relaxed on the couch.