Now and then I find something extra special that I cannot wait to share with you guys here on the blog, and this is one of those times.

I saw a hot pic of a handsome guy and I sent it to a friend to find out if he knew anything about him (I know people who know things) and within the hour he was letting me know that the guy was Chris Strafford, and he’s been in some awesome erotic photography.

I went looking, of course, and I discovered this amazing shoot by Brenton Parry.

Unfortunately, that’s all I know about the guy. I’m guessing he’s either British or Australian. Being uncut kind of lowers the chances of him being America. Maybe he’s Canadian? I guess he could be. If you know leave a comment.

It’s not just the gorgeous and creative photos that do it for me, it’s what’s been said about the shoot and the model. Apparently Chris is an exhibitionist and he loves being naked in front of other guys. He spent the shoot jacking off between photos, which kind of explains what we got in these final images.

From what I’ve read the shoot was supposed to be about fetish and sexual exploration, so I guess Brenton got what he needed when he found Chris to pose for him!

I love it, it’s so creative, and just simplistically sexy. I think they achieved what they were aiming for with this series of pics, and I think I’m going to be out there later looking for more of both Chris Strafford and the work of Brenton Parry!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments, hit that thumbs-up button too 🙂

Have a fantastic Saturday.

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