1. Now I watched Christmas vacation a handful of times throughout my 28 years but just recently I watched it and this scene seems off. Does anyone else remember cousin eddie having a rubber duckie floatie around his stomach and a snorkeling mask on? I mean he still has the fins on his feet which makes sense with a mask but maybe that was an alternate scene they used back then?

  2. I had been thru 33 Xmas's up until I'd seen this movie for the first time and I had never heard this Xmas song before.

  3. I remember I was always a horny bastard and was obsessed with female nudity ever since I could remember. One year in my afterschool program I was maybe ten years old around Christmas the lady in charge told us if we behaved we could watch this movie so when the movie got to this scene as soon as the girl starts to take her bathing suit off the other girl in charge fast forwarded the vcr thinking it was inappropriate for us kids and I remember a few of us started complaining but me I started screaming and roaring "what are you doing?! Noooooo they hardly showed anything come on let me seeeee!!!" And I remember the after school ladies and the other kids were staring at me with a look like "uhhh chill out dude what the hell?"

  4. And the clouds open up and God says, "I HATE you, Clark Griswold!!!!!" and he throws lightning at his butt.

  5. poor men who cant get a woman are watching videos like this are like ooooh so hot id do her and then they last in bed for 2 seconds and have a shrimp dick and a monobrow with pimples and some skinny (or fat) untoned body. y'all are desperate.

  6. lemme get this straight he has a wife and he's fantasizing about someone else and everyone thinks thats OK to put in a movie? Lol and people say western society empowers women. ?? empower my ass.

  7. Thanks National Lampoon, now I cant listen to Bing Crosbys little carol about an Island greeting without getting a boner.

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