Pretty entertaining 2 hours:


  1. I wish so much that Mr. Hitchens would (1) enunciate and (2) stop using $1 words when 10c words would do [to quote E.B. White].

  2. The closest thing to a tangible god that Earth has is the Sun. Unfortunately, I don't think most will find worshipping a giant plasma reactor to be very popular… so we can just say there is no god.

  3. Poor Andrew, he was a supplicant and adherent to both Conservative ideology and to Christianity, both of these Camps which hate and despise his sexuality. He finally abandoned the former, one can only hope Hitchens ultimately inspired him to also abandon the latter.

  4. there are no gods
    Be excellent to everyone
    Accept reality and embrace
    Love&Science the two forces for good and true morality

  5. Dear republican woman, A person CANNOT marry a beast for a VERY simple reason. Animals CANNOT consent.
    A Dog or a cow cannot understand the CONTRACT of marriage. In order for ANY contract to be valid, All parties must understand what the provisions of said contract mean. So PLEASE stop asking that very stupid question. Thank you.

  6. I am a big fan of Christopher Hitchens but I understand that he was married twice. Isn't marriage a religious ceremony? Doesn't that make him a hypocrite or am I missing something here?

  7. If Mr Sullivan had not come to terms with his sexuality he would joining the ranks of his Co believers in condemning homosexuality.

  8. The callers are obviously terribly uneducated. God ordained marriage? Are you sure about that? Then why did the marriage ritual exist thousands of years before the concept of God arose? Christians, Jews and Muslims have everything backwards. Humans created God, not the other way around.

  9. Unfortunately, Hitch doesn't understand the concept of free will. However, I watch or read everything the guy has to say.
    But not one word (that I could hear) about gay marriage-now a moot point.

  10. Why can't it just be said that religious beliefs are SUBJECTIVE, and that getting along together is, and will be – be more important than agreement?

  11. "How do you know where my hairline was before?" To be fair, I've never seen Christopher without a 'receding hairline'.

  12. Hitchens became an alcoholic sociopath. Atheists today emulate Hitchens' vile hate and praise him as a great atheism priest.
    God wants men/women to use each other to masterbate with? God the Creator? No. A made up god? Yes.
    God the Creator created natural purpose. Disrespecting the natural purpose of sex is of self-centered souls.

  13. Hitchens keeps comparing sacrifices that occurred 2000 years ago and modern christians. he says of andrew that he is arrogant, presenting it as something negative, while he himself is extremely arrogant.

  14. For god's sake, read the 2000 year old letters to Rome. There is nothing like old letters when it comes to the TRUTH.

  15. Hitch's stale faces while people are speaking is classic. You can't get around the awkwardness of a camera shot on someone listening to someone else.

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