Hi, since about a 1/2 Year i am thinking about having sex with a man.

Is there any “preperations” that i should do before receiving anal sex? Naturally both of us are taking a shower before, lube and condoms. What i am rather talking about is… is what do about if something comes out? Sorry if it sounds gross, but it would be my first time and i dont want that he thinks that i’m unclean or into “caviar”.

Hope you guys can help.


  1. If your diet isn’t high on fiber, try taking some supplements. It’ll make everything come out solid in one piece and It’ll lower the risk of something coming out mid-fuck.

  2. Buy an enema bulb (not a fleet enema, those are very rough on your colon) at your pharmacy, small is fine, you don’t need the large bag ones unless you’re going deep (fisting).

    Fill with warm water, put a little lube on the tip.l, and insert. Squeeze the water in, let it sit for 30 seconds then evacuate (toilet or shower works). Do it a few times (2-3) until the water runs clear and has no feces.

    If you’re unsure after the enema, lube your longest fingers and stick em up there and feel. If you feel hard poo pull it out if you can, then douche again.

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