Club Division Presents:

Friday 01.11 // Phil Weeks (Robsoul) Along w/ Alex Nude
Saturday 02.11 // Division Night w/ Amateurboyz & Pici

Division / (Dieresis) (÷) The action of separating something into parts.

Club Division applies for a new,alternative way out,in the city of Thessaloniki.Main pursuit of the project,is to fill in the gap created by the lack of a proper and innovative gigspace in the city,thus adequate to domestic expectations.
Found on the last floor of the well preserved Katouni Street #30 landmark,Club Division offers an ideal dancefloor in the center of its classic and highly aesthetic interior,along with its original industrial layout.Through a wide range of musical selection served by a tuple of domestic and international artists,Club Division operates every Friday and Saturday,devoted to a common vision.

Division // Space,Sound,Feelings and Aesthetics in full interaction!

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