In this video I summarize the average cost of living in Milan (Italy) showing prices and expenses of living.

How much does it cost to live in Milan? Check it out…

I travel the world investigating the costs of living in different places. I visit shops, gyms, offices, talk to local people to find out the expenses for an average person.

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  1. Hey guys if you wanna see the costs of living for other cities i visited check out my channel and thanks for the feedbacks 🙂

  2. "George", the prices of the food you brought back are a bit high … I live there: but I've never seen rice at 5 dollars a kg (made of gold?!), but then either eat risotto all the holy days, or one kg of rice it lasts you months! The milk costs from € 0.90 to € 1.49 per liter depending on the quality. For example, seasonal grape costs from 1.90 to 2.50 € per kg, but the argument is always that: 1 kg of grapes if you live alone, the grapes lasts days and days … let's forget the rest of the products, not worth it. George, on rents with reason, are high, but in the Varesine district or in Isola you are not out of the center … you are one step away from the "center". Also because in most cases (if you are not a millionaire) in the "center" are offices and businesses of different types.
    P.S. there are few Milanese who take the taxi habitually, most use them if necessary. Most of the population uses trams, trolleybuses, buses, 4 subways (5 if we consider the underground railway pass-through), the public bicycles of the municipality of Milan and the private car companies with minute rental. Sorry for my bad english and Ciao e buona permanenza 🙂

  3. Can you please do Bucharest and Copenhagen? I live in Bucharest and I can help you with the prices :). Keep up the good work

  4. Obviously George is not a local! He went to one of the most expensive supermarkets……. and in a global city of around 5 mio inhabitants expects to live bang in the middle of town…I live in Milan on 1200 Euros …. and I also support my child! Who needs to live in the very centre of Milan? Where I live a rent is 600 Euros 75 square metres… and it's really quite nice. George is very likely to be broke… he's got very expensive tastes!

  5. 10 beers and 2 bottles of wine a month…..i lived in Italy …i did this in a day sometimes. and $5 for 12 eggs…pricey.

  6. George got a girlfriend in Milan. George is broke. lol thank you!! I've been to Milano in January, it is beautiful! I hope I can return one day…

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